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Initiation: Finding Your Path

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R0 - Introduction

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Each individual has a unique combination of talents, innate abilities, and developed skills. Certain areas of life inspire us, stimulating our personal passion and desire for growth. When we find the opportunity to express these talents, skills, and passions in alignment together, we unlock a sense of power and purpose within, and are driven by our joy in each moment of creation.

Yet many of us feel disconnected from this powerful alignment within, as we focus our days on skills that we’ve developed to sustain our lives, often in areas of life that don’t entirely resonate with us. Our deeper talents lay dormant, waiting for stormy days and time alone to express themselves. Our innate abilities emerge in peak moments of social experiences, or remain hidden under layers of doubt or self-judgement.

How can we restore awareness of our secret personal combination? What can finding the practices to awaken and strengthen our inner capacities do for our lives?

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