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The Current of Destiny

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R0 - Introduction

There are certain people who seem to blaze with an awe inspiring brilliance as they walk through life. We even call many of them “Stars” or “Superstars,” and they leave their mark of presence and purpose on the history of the world. Some of them make such a powerful impact, they become Legendary; their lives become the raw material for stories passed down for thousands of years, or captured in books or movies.

While we may not yet know how to achieve this level of greatness, each of us contains a spark, carried through our lives, which innately knows that we can fulfill our personal mission in life, celebrate it, and be celebrated for it. We know that this spark simply needs to be kindled; we simply must find the time, the energy, the focus, the help, the drive, the clarity, the love, the money, or whatever else we might have identified as one of the barriers or challenges that keep us from getting that spark blazing right now.

These challenges can often seem so difficult to overcome that our creative flow is stifled, and we can’t even find the place to begin. We don’t know how to start. Our lives are punctuated by an underlying sadness, and a subtle fear that we’ll somehow fail, and leave our life’s purpose unfulfilled. Even worse, we don’t want to feel these emotions, so we push them down, medicate them, and ignore them. In doing so, this fear, sadness, and the accompanying pain forms a fundamental wall between us and achieving everything we ever wanted and more.

Something amazing begins to happen when we accept these feelings. Just reading them here may stimulate your awareness of them inside you. Here’s the secret:



It’s okay.

The first thing we can learn from Legendary people is that they are, or have been afraid. Everyone faces the fear of failure at some point in their lives. What they may not realize is that the entire world is facing this fear right now. As a planet, we are confronted with some of the greatest challenges imaginable, and the greatest opportunities for massive transformation and global healing. Our planet’s environment is in peril and the continued existence of our species and all other life on Earth depends on our actions now.

Frankly, that’s terrifying.

“When I was 9 and 10 years old, I participated in poetry reading competitions through my school. In fourth and fifth grade, I made it to the state ‘Oral Expression Championships.’ Sometimes before reading, my heart would be pounding, and I had the feeling that if I failed, I would die. My coach taught me to let all my tension move my body, and add it to my gestures and expressions. I learned to breathe that feeling of terror through my body, and transformed it into all the emotions and expressions inside the poems I read. After winning the State Championship twice, I realized that the anxiety I experienced before sharing was a fuel that empowered my ability as a speaker. All emotion is simply energy; it can be shaped, transformed, guided and channeled. When we resist it, we block the energy. When we allow it, honor it, let it flow, and ride it like a wild animal, it increases the power and potency of everything we do.”Adam Apollo

The strong emotions we feel about the current state of the world, and more simply about the state of our own lives, is like a current that drives us towards making a change. You might think of this current as an electrical signal in your body (which it is, as electrical impulses from our brain stimulate endocrine glands to produce chemicals which influence our emotional states), and the electrical circuit needs to be completed to “turn on the light bulb.” We often block this current with our minds through resisting or denying the feelings, which in turn may cause us to tighten up in our bodies and constrict our natural energy flow. This is like a “short” in your wiring, and it can be quite uncomfortable.

 So how do we open up the current?

In some cases, the body needs to relax, and the mind needs to get quiet enough to focus within and feel the currents beneath the waves on the surface. In other cases, moving and stretching the body may open up areas where the current is constricted. As the emotion begins to be felt, the mind must create a pathway for that energy to flow. At first, this means acceptance. While it may be painful, we must accept and acknowledge the field of charge within us.

Next we must address the areas where the current is short-circuiting. What are your beliefs about your current situation, and limitations, that you already know are false? This is a good place to start: where are we lying to ourselves?

  1. Whatever you have been told, or told yourself, you are fully capable of greatness. You were born to fulfill your destiny, and there is a reason for your life. You know this already, so take a deep breath and really accept the feeling of it into your body.
  2. You are in command of your time. Your job, your family, your friends, your body, your sleep: you give them your time. It’s yours. Own it, and you can do what you want with it.
  3. Focus on what brings you the greatest joy to create in life. This is often where some of our greatest talents and gifts reside. What are you here to do?
  4. Practice gratitude for yourself. When we put money in savings, it often “appreciates,” or grows in value. Self-appreciation increases your own sense of value, and strength.
  5. Ask for help. We often think others are too busy with their own lives to help us with our personal projects or dreams. What we may not realize is that certain people are in our lives simply because their destiny is intertwined with ours, and when we ask them for help with our dream, we are actually helping them to live theirs as well.
  6. Trust your vision. It may seem ephemeral, or distant in it’s future fulfillment. As you focus on it, the vision will become more clear. Work your way backward from the point where you have fully succeeded. How did you get there? Map out the steps, and take the first one you can.

There are many more specific physical, emotional, and mental techniques that we cover in the Pathways of the Guardian Alliance. Also, plenty of coaching, leadership, self-development and organizational development programs are focused on one or more of these keys. Yet you’re not here for another self-help program. You’re here to change the world, and to do that, you’re going to need to start where you are strongest, and build your abilities from there.

Which of the above numbers is easiest for you? Which one do you read and say to yourself, “Yep, I got that one down.”


This is a signpost, a subtle clue on the trail of your life that is showing you the path of least resistance. Just like any form of living energy, lightning, water, fire, earth, or air, nature looks for the most efficient way, the shortest path, the most direct route. As we will explore later in this course, we each have an Archetypal Resonance, a series of gifts and innate strengths that support our core purpose in the world. When we get in touch with this Resonance, we begin to move from our True Center, and we begin to understand that everything we have ever wanted to do and more becomes possible through the Extension of ourselves, and our own innate abilities.


Okay, now that you’ve finished reading the first Lesson, take a few minutes to contemplate the numbered image above. Which one is the easiest for you to accept and integrate? When you are finished reflecting, click “Mark Complete” below to move on to the next Lesson.


Security Sentinel

This is the Security Sentinel of the Guardian Alliance Academy. It will activate upon any breach of the Guardian Principles. Messaging the Sentinel directly will not result in a response.