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The Guardians

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R0 - Introduction

Some people search for their Path their whole lives, and constantly resist living out their dreams and destiny. Others find their Path and undulate off and on from it, living it at times, and straying from it during other periods of their lives. A few people stick to their Path, and are totally successful in their work in the world, living their dreams to some extent. Make no mistake: it can be difficult to find and live your Path to the fullest extent, especially if you are doing it alone.

Yet there are some people who seem more steady on their Path, moving with confidence and a radiant presence of purpose. These people always seem ready and willing to help others along the way, whether by clearing obstacles, offering guidance or empowerment, or by providing direct services that assist others in moving more freely and purposefully in their lives. These individuals have learned one of the deepest secrets of Life.

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

We’ve all heard the Golden Rule, but few of us have embraced it’s deeper meaning and wisdom. What is it that we need most? We need to feel supported, loved, and honored. We need to feel like there are people behind us, cheering us on, and people in front of us, clearing the way for our work to thrive. We can try to be everything we need for ourselves, yet we often only fully appreciate our own work when it is appreciated by others. So how do we get all that help?

We give it.

The World is in Your Hands... What will you give?
Guardian Angel - Unknown Artist

We come to understand that the things we need the most are also the most valuable gifts we can give. We cherish these gifts, and develop a practice of giving them to others at every opportunity. We uphold the principles that allow these gifts to shine and grow, and we protect them. We become Guardians of the deepest gifts of Life, as we come to know them and share them, and in doing so we become Guardians of each other.

We often refer to those who watch over and support young children as “guardians.” These individuals are there for the children, protecting them, teaching them, and hopefully loving and honoring them to nurture their growth and development as individuals. Many spiritual traditions speak of “Guardian Angels,” beings who assist us in our moments of greatest challenge, and help us to find the path back Home, to our true purpose in Life. In many legends, a guardian may watch over a sacred treasure or magical artifact, ensuring that only those who would use the powers they may contain for the good of all attain access.

Those of us who are forging this Alliance of Guardians have dedicated our lives to the well-being, sovereignty, and evolution of all life on Earth and throughout the Universe. There are many names woven into the years of this tale unfolding, and here are a few who have stepped forward now to share their gifts with you and help to bring the Guardians together:

Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo has been leading integrative presentations, interactive workshops, and self-development intensives for over ten years.  Though well known for hundreds of “Jedi Training Intensives” around the world, he has also offered insights on global transitions, technology, conscious leadership and the future of humanity at the White House, in a UN Summit, and at a variety of conferences and festivals.

Founder of several education and technology based companies and organizations, Adam Apollo is dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture.  His professional experience includes management in multinational corporations, business development for non-profits and strategic campaigns, and executive officer roles across a series of companies.  View Adam Apollo’s resume on LinkedIN for more information.

Meet Adam Apollo


Since awakening to his personal spiritual path at 15 years old, Adam Apollo has dedicated himself to extensive studies in theoretical physics, symbolic geometry, past-life recall, sanskaric healing, Taoist alchemy, martial arts, energy therapies, occult magic, and many diverse ancient and modern spiritual traditions and practices.  He has held intimate council and ceremony with Indigenous Elders from around the world, smoked the White Buffalo Peace Pipe, and helped to organize two Prayer Runs for World Peace across the North American continent.  

After having a series of personal contact experiences with a community of representatives of interplanetary species, Adam Apollo became an avid ambassador and exopolitical advisor, sharing insights on extraterrestrial relations, and the potential technological and social future of the human race.  His “Galactic Earth” seminars and workshops reveal ancient interstellar relationships in the human genome, explore the history of other species and their relationships with Earth, and detail the cultural and social practices and principles of species who have attained states of environmental, economic, and ethical balance with each other and life throughout the Universe.

Adam Apollo co-directed and developed the “UNIFY” initiative, bringing hundreds of thousands of groups and organizations around the world into synchronized conscious connection on December 21st, 2012, and the project is ongoing.  His most recent project is Superluminal Systems, developing new online learning systems, which launched it’s first Academy through The Resonance Project Foundation on their new websites that his team designed and developed, and He is also a faculty member, and author of some of the Resonance Academy course modules on Modern and Unified Physics.

The Guardian Alliance represents the culmination of Adam Apollo’s work and cultivation of purpose. It is the driving force behind his education system development, and it will continue to evolve as new technology becomes available. Find out more about Adam Apollo’s projects and download his free music, visit:

Alexander Fairman

Alexander Fairman is an Education Specialist, Music Producer and Recording Artist, rallying up spiritual warriors from across the world to create a better future.

Through his service learning program development efforts at the University of Southern California, he helped to identify the technology to implement the badge based learning system for the Guardian Alliance, and other Superluminal Systems Academies.

Alexander has led initiation journeys for youth from many backgrounds, including those involved in gangs and extreme poverty communities. He is currently developing the SPEAR program to empower young warriors in accessing their drive, purpose, and strength.

Meet Alexander Fairman

Alexander recorded this video with limited resources on the island of Malta. Please excuse any differences in quality.


Alexander felt intense fear as a child, and constantly struggled with it. He was scared by the state of the world and society’s seeming helplessness to engage it. He had very little confidence when it came to talking to strangers, approaching women, or being a leader. He grew up with tremendous fear, and admits to making many mistakes in his personal learning journey.

At a turning point in his life, he entered into a long process of study and personal development, seeking to understand himself and others on a deeper level. This led him to studying a multitude of languages, traveling the planet, and learning to connect with a vast array of people.

I found that understanding others was intimately linked with understanding myself. People who I couldn’t understand or relate with often were tapped into something that I had yet to discover within myself.

Alexander helped to draft the writing for much of this introductory course, along with Adam Apollo and edits by David Beaudry. He is committed to helping you walk through the process of awakening, self inquiry, and the development of tactical skills for your personal Archetypes.

David Beaudry

David has been facilitating transformational qigong workshops since 2009 helping teach and certify qigong instructors from more than 20 US cities. In 2012 he co-founded Universal Heroes, an organization dedicated to sharing both ancient and modern practices for healing and spiritual growth. He currently leads trainings in Thailand and across the US.

My passion for movement started with football, after playing for 10 years and tearing my ACL my senior year of college, I discovered qigong and meditation. This opened my eyes to how incorporating mindfulness through movement and breath could create avenues for deep spiritual growth as well as increase healing, recovery and performance.
Meet David Beaudry

In upcoming courses of the Guardian Alliance, many other teachers will be revealed. These Djedi have been cultivating seeds for many of the higher level Rings, bringing forward their inner wisdom, and refining their presentations for the global community.

Security Sentinel

This is the Security Sentinel of the Guardian Alliance Academy. It will activate upon any breach of the Guardian Principles. Messaging the Sentinel directly will not result in a response.