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The Guardian Alliance is intended to empower and support individuals and organizations dedicated to a peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and thriving civilization and environment on Earth and beyond.


Every course in the Academy is designed to bring greater awareness, acceptance, inspiration, and activation through creative exploration, media resources, and holistic perspectives.


Teachers in the Guardian Alliance immediately earn 70% of every Access Key transaction. 20% is dedicated to production and support teams, and 10% goes to infrastructure, dev, and hosting.


We believe in individuals over organizations, connections over processes, and mutual support over criticism. While we value critical process and organizing structures, we value individual connection and support more.


Every individual in the Guardian Alliance is encouraged to develop mutually beneficial relationships with every other member, practicing compassion, respect, support, and honorable engagement.


We recognize that everything is connected by energy and information through the quantum vacuum field, the fabric of spacetime. Our interconnection influences our lives and our actions, and guides our ethics.

We stand by these fundamental principles as stewards and Guardians of the Earth, and all Life. We honor the Truth of every individual, and seek to bring greater understanding, acceptance, and unity through Love. We trust in the goodness of all people, and actively participate in the healing, transformation, and evolution of all beings.


we are entitled to our own beliefs and choices, as long as they do not cause harm or oppression to others on spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical levels
we are responsible for creating and promoting collective homeostasis and evolution, and supporting each other in expanding awareness and acceptance
the deepest gift we can offer in the moment is our fullest presence, in integrity with their purpose and core values, however vulnerable or strong it may be
we are responsible for our own integrity, and are supported through honest collective feedback, and personal self-reflection
all things occur in perfect timing, and “coincidental occurrences” are signifiers for timing resonance, alignment, and an expanded state of conscious connection through spacetime
we are all guided by a feeling of deepest resonance in our life-paths, and are responsible for finding a way to live in that resonance to feel aligned in our journey to destiny
we can recognize and acknowledge the sovereignty of others and their values, rights, and freedom, through communications and action, while also standing for our own
we can develop the art of being and bringing others into authenticity, respecting their nature and journey, and resonating that respect in actions, words, and emotions
we make a commitment to the integration and continuity of ideas, words, and feelings, and the preservation of their journey through time, through each cycle of new awareness and transformation
we are dedicated to the continuity of community and evolution through synchronicity, and the fundamental resonance that brings us all together regardless of our differences
we choose to align our entire being with honesty and consistency in keeping our word and following through with our planned actions, and take care in our choices and timing in regards to how they may affect others
we are creating and promoting collective symbiosis and evolution through community actions and effective leadership, listening to learn from each other, and offering our gifts for the benefit of others
we are sovereign beings with infinite potential, and claim our right to explore new ideas, new feelings, and new forms of action that allow us to express our nature in evolving ways
we are capable of offering our deepest gifts (the root “cour” means “heart”) in the moment, especially in challenging times, and choosing to bring forth our fullest presence and live by your core values
we commit to giving our gifts of knowledge, discovery, wealth, nourishment, etc with others openly and without fear of loss
we honor the many backgrounds, genders, races, cultures, and perspectives of each individual
we maintain a dedication to acceptance, respect, and acknowledgement in order to receive new information from others and our environments
we are transforming local and planetary circumstances to enable love, community continuity and evolution, and will overturn any forces of oppression that would keep us from these values
we are constantly growing, changing, learning, transforming, transmuting, integrating, accepting and changing in our journey of evolution through each life and beyond
we are dedicated to getting better at all that we do and every way that we are, all the time, and staying focused on the choices and decisions that help us improve the most

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