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There are many ways to participate in the Guardian Alliance. If you’re ready to dive deeper and launch your journey of self-mastery, becoming a Guardian Member is the easiest way to get started with our courses, community, and programs.

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Get access to ALL six Mastery Ring One courses, community Arenas, and Private Training Sessions

If you become a Guardian Member, you will receive complete access to the Mastery Ring One course series, and unlimited access to Member’s Vault with additional media and mini-courses to explore. You get access to all Round Table LIVE Sessions, and access to other special events and interviews. You will also get discounts (and first dibs) on Guardian Gear as it is released (armor, healing tools, oils, badges, swords, etc), and your support will fund scholarships and Guardian Alliance Special Projects like youth training and media.

Becoming a Guardian Member means that you are making a personal commitment to support the wave of change happening on the planet, stewarding the healing and restoration of Earth while standing for the principles of Justice, Freedom, Truth, and Sovereignty.

What’s inside Mastery Ring One?

Preview of the Healer Course

The Healer Course Entry, one of six complete courses with tons of content and media.


Guardian Member

Suggested Price: $17.77 / month

For a limited time, new Guardian Members get access to the entire suite of Mastery Ring One courses! You can set your own donation amount (anything over $7.77), and retain access to Mastery Ring One for as long as you remain a Member! You will also gain access to the Member’s Vault, exclusive courses, quests, media, LIVE Sessions, discounts on gear, and more. Your continued monthly donation will help us to build the infrastructure of the Alliance and produce more great content and materials to support you in your journey of self-mastery, and your initiation into your work as a Guardian on Earth.

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Minimum Price: $9.77 / month

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Benefits Include:

Mastery Ring One regular price in the Gatehouse: $333.00

The Guardian Alliance is a member supported initiative. Your support helps us to develop free media, courses, and resources for the community as a whole.

What’s inside the Vault?

Sneak Peek inside the Vault

Here’s a quick sneak peek at a few of the videos and audio meditations contained inside the Vault… More will be added every month!

All Members get…

Complete Members Area and Private Chat

Members Area & Private Chat 

Complete Member Profiles

Complete Member Profiles

What’s inside Mastery Ring One?

Access to All Guardian Guilds

Access to All Guardian Guilds

Preview of One of the Six Arenas

One of the Six Arenas  

Full Course Access

Full Course Access in My Courses

Preview of the Healer Course

The Healer Course Entry

Preview of the Warrior Course Path

Warrior Course Path  

These are just a few of the areas that become available through Mastery Ring One access… There are six courses, with hundreds of pages of media, images, practices, meditations, and more, to forge the Jedi within you.

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