Divine Sex – AA


A Course in Erotic Miracles

Divine Sex: A Course in Erotic Miracles is a deep dive into the heart of sensual union, from the art of boundaries and consent to the magic and majesty of shared orgasmic states, all the way to the revelation of our own Divine Nature.

Warning: May contain content unsuitable for children.


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Explore at your own Pace

This Course is prerecorded, so you can take your time through each section, watching the videos, and contemplating the stories provided in text.

FREE Public Introduction

Seven Keys to Divine Sex - an Introduction


In our current age, cultural relationships with Sexuality have become even more confused, as vast media campaigns highlight inappropriate conduct and power games around sex, and frightened religious fervor further denies the sacredness of our Sexual Nature. These are some of the oldest wounds in Humanity, and when we get in touch with the source of this trauma, unlocking the true Gift within Sex, we help to facilitate the release of generations of pain into luminous pleasure.

Discover keys to unlocking your highest sexual expression through the human energy body, the physiology of the sexual organs, and advanced conscious practices to access states of Divine Communion. Learn how to address armoring across your energy bodies, and gain the tools to transform pain and resistance into pleasure and ecstasy. Develop your boundaries, and create a crucible of Alchemy within you, a forge powerful enough to transform you into Divine States of Consciousness.


Completing this Course unlocks the Mastery Ring Two Weaver-Core Badge

This course includes:

  • Nature of Sex and Sex of Nature
  • Polarity, Gender, Alchemy, and Creation
  • The Human Energy Body & Sexual Circuitry
  • Muscles & Fascia: The Power of Massage & Dearmoring
  • Unlocking Multiorgasmic States
    • For Men
    • For Women
    • For Transgenders
    • For All Other Gender Orientations
  • Understanding the Interior of the Yoni
  • Understanding the Structure of the Lingham
  • Internal Energy Circulation & Mastery
  • Mental Harnessing & Magical Generation
  • Dancing with the Divine

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Introduction Public Session (60 mins):

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Course Unlocks Private Sessions (90 mins):

Sex & Creation + A Beltane Story
The Body Divine + Pleiadian DeArmoring
Multiorgasmic Mastery + Galactic Ambassadors
Divine Sexual Magic + Making Your Bed a Temple

Earns the Weaver Core Badge


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