Starwalker’s Synthesis – AA


Enter into the realm of the Starwalker, and explore starship technologies, discover the ancient history of extraterrestrial contact and connection on Earth, learn more about different galactic species, and develop techniques for personal contact and communication with Star Nations. This is a Mastery Ring Two Core Capacities course.

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This Series Includes:

Session Focus Points:

  • LIVE Course Launch 1/31/2018
    • Transpersonal psychology, telepathy, and practical investigation into ET phenomena.
  • Where are we going?
    • An invitation to inspiration and exploration of the future of our human species.
  • Starship Technology
    • A deep dive into the technology and physics of starships and how we can build them.
  • Ancient Starseeds
    • Exploring ET contact in ancient cultures and the potential roots of human genetics across racial lines.
  • Galactic Species
    • Learn about different galactic species and the characteristics of their home worlds and cultures.
  • Galactic History
    • Discover events in Galactic History that have deeply influenced interspecies relationships and Earth.
  • LIVE Galactic Earth 2/11/2018
    • How do we make contact, and help our civilization become a Galactic culture?
  • Special Bonus Workshop Material

Over 10+ Hours Of Material:

  • What is ET contact, and how do we achieve it?
  • How do we sort true information from disinformation?
  • What are the next steps in becoming a Galactic civilization?
  • How real are starships, and can we build one?
  • Is superluminal (faster than light) travel possible?
  • What ancient cultures recorded a connection with ETs?
  • Who are the species that visit Earth, and do some of them look like us?
  • What is the ET agenda?
  • Why are ETs interested in Earth and humans?
  • Who are the reptilians, and why is there so much fear around them?
  • Who are the “Greys,” and why are they studying humans?
  • What do Dragons have to do with all this?
  • How do we make contact at a mass scale?
  • What can we do to help humanity prepare for our transition to becoming an Interstellar species?
  • How did Adam Apollo learn all this information, where did it come from, and what is his personal story around all of this?
  • What is the Galactic Family?
  • How do I find out my own personal connections with Star Nations?
  • What kind of practices can I do to enhance my telepathy and contact experiences?
  • How do I cultivate awareness similar to that of different Star Families?
  • and much much more!

Get Lifetime Access:

Includes all online materials, two LIVE online video sessions (for first round students only!), four immersive video presentations, Q&A, Starwalker’s Stargate Arena access, and unlimited ability to review the course materials at any time.

Take At Your Own Pace:

Join now and get complete lifetime access, but take the course at your own pace. The Course Launch session and Galactic Earth session will be LIVE, and recorded for you to view at your leisure.

Plus Get These Bonuses:

Lifetime access to the Starwalker Ascending course in Mastery Ring One!

Over 3+ Hours of Special Bonus material and additional sessions to go deeper and further into the insights presented.

Early access to the new Galactic Family Network site to view what’s coming and learn how you can participate in the network!

Earn the Starwalker’s Synthesis Badge in Mastery Ring Two: