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What is the Guardian Alliance?

The Guardian Alliance is an active learning community dedicated to exploring the edge of human potential, unlocking our deepest gifts, and applying our skills for the benefit of all life. We provide online and offline courses, a wide range of advanced self-mastery practices, empowering community experiences, and Quests for individuals to get involved in making positive impacts in the world. Learn more about our Principles.

What kind of Courses can I find here?

While many of the courses here have been taught under a variety of names and traditions, the particular integrations of skill development available here have been fondly referred to by the students of some of the faculty members as “Jedi Training.” In short, this refers to the development of mastery over one’s self, the ability to consciously work with energy (Chi, Prana, Life-Force, Aether, Quantum Vacuum Field) for specific purposes and applications (healing, martial arts, yoga, sports, business, to name a few), and the development of enhanced sensory perception (intuitions, psychic abilities, remote viewing, astral travel, and other “superhero” abilities).

What are Guardians?

Each living being has a right to Sovereignty, to the opportunity to give their deepest Gift, to fulfill their personal Destiny. Life can be challenging, a gauntlet of perceived obstacles, unforseen relationship dynamics, personal doubts and fears.

Yet into this tangled mirage come lessons, insights, and bursts of greater awareness. While this journey is always driven from within ourselves, and our deepest sense of Who We Are, there are those who arrive in Service to this self-reflection and growth, guides of our Evolution and True Purpose.

These are Guardians.

Guardians recognize that we all are part of a collective field that is constantly learning about itself, and each of us have an essential role in manifesting the well-being of all Life. Through the Journey of facing their own deepest fears, embracing their personal Shadows with Love, they come to see that All people can reach their highest potential. Through teamwork and the support of their Alliance, they discover that each of us also has the Gift to help others.

We can each stand as a pillar, a guiding light of compassion and love, respect and justice, peace and honor, joy and truth. Through our dedication, we create the Resonance that enables others to feel what it feels like to Shine. We are protectors of the Right of All Beings to live out their personal Destiny.

This is our Service.

Breaking Through
  • Will you accept your Mission in Life?
  • Can you allow yourself to be the Hero?
  • Are you willing to Trust Yourself?
  • Can you Forgive yourself for doubting?
  • Will you choose to Be Yourself Now?
  • Can you accept all that You Are?
  • Are you ready to Love Yourself?

Sit with these questions. Read them slowly, and feel into them deeply. Where are you strong? Where do you feel uncertain?

Relax, it’s okay that you may not be sure about all these questions. That’s why you’re here. Together, we can discover the way to empower ourselves. Honesty and integrity is the first step…

This is the Journey of the Guardian Of Destiny.

This is your Journey.

Ready to find out what kind of Superhero you are?

Welcome to the Guardian Alliance.

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Access Keys allow you to enter courses, events, and gates to special areas of the Guardian Alliance. Most Access Keys will never expire.

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What are the LIVE Sessions?

In the Guardian Alliance, LIVE Sessions accompany any course opening, Q&A, or special event. Some are Public, while others require an Access Key.

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What is the Trailmap?

The Trailmap shows the current curriculum map of Courses and Quests in the Academy, and Badges that can be earned by completing them.

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Explore the fundamental principles of the Guardian Alliance, and the type of world we are dedicated to creating.

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More Questions?

A complete FAQ Question is coming soon. If you have questions about any aspect of the site or courses, post them in the LIVE Sessions area and we will do our best to respond to them during the next session.