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What is the Guardian Alliance?

The Guardian Alliance is an active learning community dedicated to supporting collective creativity, enhancing social potential, and cultivating a diverse, unified culture of creative leaders. We focus on exploring a varied set of philosophies, multi-cultural practices, and developing skills that are applicable to everyday life. We provide online courses, a unique gamification experience, in-person community events, and opportunities for individuals to get involved in making positive impacts in their community! Learn more about our Principles. We consider ourselves, real-life Djedi, because our gamification learning system enhances the creativity of the learner, as well as our principles encompass the mission of being revolutionary in how we participate in social systems, learn and apply skills, and inspiring ourselves and others to have the courage to be authentically divergent.

What kind of Courses can I find here?

Our content ranges from each Djedi Archetype; we strive to explore and learn a variety of skills that incorporate a diverse set of philosophies from all cultures. This is why we call ourselves Djedi; we believe that encompassing ALL cultural knowledge requires the wholistic fusion of spiritual philosophy alongside practical skillsets. 

What are Guardians?

As Guardians, we recognize the desire to connect to a community who are open to exploring various wisdoms, without restraining each other in prejudice. 

Guardians recognize that we all are part of a collective community that is constantly learning, and that each of us have an essential role. We aspire to share knowledge with a sense of play and creativity. While enacting what we learn in our lives in such a way, that inspires others to think differently. Our vision is to show what it feels like to be part of a global community, using technical systems as our medium, focused on environmental, social, economic health and equity.

Ready to find out what kind of Djedi you are?

Welcome to the Guardian Alliance.

Access Keys allow you to enter courses, events, and gates to special arenas of the Guardian Alliance. Most Access Keys will never expire.

In the Guardian Alliance, LIVE Sessions accompany any course opening, Q&A, or special event. Some are Public, while others require an Access Key.

The Badges trailmap shows the current courses and quests in the Academy, and Badges that can be earned by completing them.


Explore the fundamental principles of the Guardian Alliance, and the type of world we are dedicated to creating.

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Archetype Arenas

Members can access community areas like the Arenas that are focused on each archetype of the Guardian Alliance learning system.

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More Questions?

A complete FAQ Question is coming soon. If you have questions about any aspect of the site or courses, post them in the LIVE Sessions area and we will do our best to respond to them during the next session.