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What is the Guardian Alliance?

The Guardian Alliance is an active learning community dedicated to supporting collective creativity, enhancing human potential, and empowering individual sovereignty and self-knowledge. We focus on exploring a diverse set of philosophies, multi-cultural spiritual practices, wisdom traditions, and developing skills that are applicable to everyday life. We provide online courses, a unique gamification experience, in person community events, and opportunities for individuals to get involved in making positive impacts in the world! Learn more about our Principles.

What kind of Courses can I find here?

We strive to uplift the global community by creating unique courses from a varying assortment of cultures, academic subjects, and spiritual traditions. Our passion is to cultivate a community that enriches the traditions of all cultures while exploring knowledge that builds real world application. Each course is created by a faculty or community member, and we encourage collaboration on all material as teachers and students! 

Most courses in the Guardian Alliance focus on self-development and higher sensory perception (HSP), what some students call “Djedi Training.” This refers to the development of mastery over one’s self, the ability to consciously work with energy (Chi, Prana, Life-Force, Ether, Quantum Vacuum Field) for specific purposes and applications (healing, martial arts, business, to name a few), and the development of enhanced sensory perception (psychic abilities, remote viewing, astral travel, and other scientifically verified human capabilities).

What are Guardians?

Each of us has a right to live in personal sovereignty, to have the opportunity to give our deepest Gifts, a chance to flourish, and fulfill our personal destiny. As Guardians, we strive to empower each of us to thrive in such a way that uplifts all others. We are leaders inspiring other leaders. We protect the sacred universal laws for each individual to make their own choices, free from manipulation, coercion, and abuse, and to be encouraged to speak the truth of their own perception.

This is what it means to be a Guardian.

Guardians recognize that we all are part of a collective community that is constantly learning, and that each of us have an essential role in establishing the well-being of all life. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Through teamwork and the support of the Alliance, we can discover what each of us truly needs to thrive and help others.

We can each stand as a pillar, a guiding light of compassion and respect. Through our dedication, we create the resonance that enables others to feel what it feels like to be part of a global community of sovereign individuals focused on environmental, social, economic health and equity. We are protectors of the spirit of humanity and seek to embody a collective force of people who are well equipped with the tools needed to thrive. We are protectors of the Right of All Beings to live out their personal Destiny.

This is our Service. This is your Journey.

Ready to find out what kind of Superhero you are?

Welcome to the Guardian Alliance.

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The Badges trailmap shows the current courses and quests in the Academy, and Badges that can be earned by completing them.


Explore the fundamental principles of the Guardian Alliance, and the type of world we are dedicated to creating.

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More Questions?

A complete FAQ Question is coming soon. If you have questions about any aspect of the site or courses, post them in the LIVE Sessions area and we will do our best to respond to them during the next session.