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Guardian Round Table Sessions

Guardian PULSE Training Sessions are currently on hold until the end of Summer. Look for an email with updated schedule and dates in September or October! Thank you for your participation!

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 PULSE Training Sessions

Training Sessions Every 13 Days

On the first day of each Wavespell (every 13 days), we meet for training sessions focused on topics in Mastery Ring One and other courses in the Guardian Alliance Academy. Join us LIVE, or learn more here


Open to all Guardians Every 13 Days
9am HAST, 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 7pm GMT
or the following morning 1:30am IST (India)

4am JST (Japan), 5am AEST (Australia)

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Upcoming PULSE Session Schedule:

May 10th – Thursday Magnetic Human – Warrior
May 23rd – Wednesday Magnetic Serpent – Weaver
June 5th – Tuesday Magnetic Mirror – NO SESSION
June 18th – Monday Magnetic Monkey – Wizard
July 1st – Sunday Magnetic Seed – Healer
July 14th – Saturday Magnetic Earth – Ambassador
July 27th – Friday Magnetic Dog – NO SESSION
August 9th – Thursday Magnetic Night – Starwalker

Did you miss a session?
Find a recording in the LIVE Session Archive.

Guardian Round Tables

24 Hours After PULSE Training Sessions

Join us for our Round Table sessions, where we discuss topics from the prior day’s PULSE Training Session. Hosted by Faculty & Ambassador Members, we meet in a video chat area to connect, share ideas, and discuss.


Open to all Guardians 24hr After Every PULSE
9am HAST, 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 7pm GMT
or the following morning 1:30am IST (India)

4am JST (Japan), 5am AEST (Australia)

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Watch excerpts from the “Honoring Standing Rock” Winter Solstice session for a preview of the Guardian Round Table.

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