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Guardian Round Table Sessions


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Guardian PULSE Training Sessions are being revived! Check our calendar below for Session Topics. Thank you for your participation!


 PULSE Training Sessions

Training Sessions Every Fortnight

Every other Saturday we meet for training sessions focused on topics in Mastery Ring One & Two in the Guardian Alliance Academy. Join us LIVE!


All Sessions will be held at
12:00 noon PST
1:00 pm MST 
9:00 pm CET
1:30 am IST

July 23rd: BioKhemia Check-In/Q&A

All upcoming Round Table Sessions are TBD, stay tuned for our new schedule for summer!



Upcoming PULSE Session Schedule:


Every Round Table Session is free and available to all Guardians joining by Zoom. Most Guardian Round Table Sessions are open to any active participant in the Guardian Alliance, while others special sessions are for Members only. Learn more about Membership. Registered Members and Guardians can also join by phone. Access information is visible on the lower portion of this page for logged in users.

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