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Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R1

On this page, we welcome you to share your experiences with the Guardian Alliance courses. In your response, please include the course you are writing about at the beginning. For example:

R1 Warrior – My experience with the Warrior Activating course was…
Mastery Ring One – Through this course series, I’ve noticed these changes in my life…

Here are some questions to reflect upon that may help you in writing your feedback:

  • How have these courses helped change the quality of your daily life?
  • Which course/practices were your favorite?
  • What challenges have these programs helped you overcome?
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  • Adam Apollo

    Thank you so much for your feedback and contributions!

  • Solarik Fireborn

    the Guardian Alliance academy has put together some of the greatest healers and planetary transformers into an elite group of teachers, bringing together all of their knowledge and research and making it dramatically practical and it is changing everything!

  • Corry

    Hello from Ireland

    I just completed all 6 courses.

    The content here on this educational system is phenomenal

    If everyone in this world was taught these skills since childhood the world would be a different place.

    Adam great work is being done congratulations on making it happen and building towards the future of the planet.

    The Ambassador and Weaver Courses I felt helped me the most in my life, while I have to much to say and share with people, nobody likes a preacher. Now I am feeling much more confident and speaking more patiently and articulately. I am an extremely empathic person, so thank you Alex for helping me with this, now being able to decipher between other peoples energy and telepathy is key to my evolution as a Jedi,

    Adam, the Jedi Training in Bali, led a skill evolution in the Healer, Warrior, Wizard, Star Walker archetypes but those progressions need to be refreshed and there is a lot you miss also. So well done, you Alex and David are doing it and I see the vision coming into reality and i will be doing my utmost over here in Ireland to Inspire people accordingly.

    What I am most excited about now is where it goes from here…..

    Thank you for the Inspiration Knowledge and Energy.

    Dragons Awaken

    • Gustavo Heraldo

      Thanks Corry for putting into words the great value of this Guardian Alliance to help rise the vibration globbaly and train effective guardians that are so needed to help the world in this massive wave of awakeing! I listened most of the live session, did the delicate and centering Initiation Course, and now living the dream to take the first R1 course, the Ambassador ! How did you manage i this last year to bring some of the information and your personal experience in the Academy into your daily life there in the beautiful and magic Ireland ??

  • Xmen

    Hi from France,
    I have finished the 6 archetypes. I echo what Corry is saying about Everyone should know about this content as the content feels right. It resonates. Being a certified coach and a professional trainer, I have tried many psychometric test such as MBTI, PI, DISC that tried to categoryze us into boxes. And to be fair all of them make valid discoveries and help understanding the way we act under normal and stressed conditions. However they lack an essential aspect of our self. The Energetic body and its interrelation with our thoughts, emotions and believe systems. The content of the GA helped me identify many new dimensions of myself, the archetypes. Each archetype seemed to resonate with a part of my higher self. Some of them were calling me for actions, like the Warrior; as I did forget to take care of my body for much too long. These archetypes seem highly inter-related like fractal patterns of different density; all of them are important. The Ambassador forces me to start communicating much more using Facebook (which I was avoiding like mad before). Some of them seemed more familiar than others for sure, but all are vital to my full empowerement. They are actionable and I have used them to fine tune the way I operate, act, feel and inter-act with others. In that sense they have been transformational in the sense that I today have a different perception of myself and others than I had before I joined the course.

    From there, I have an idea to share.

    I have talked last week to good friends who happened to be free macons of highest grades. They again mentionned to me the power of initiation rituals; which helped them as free macons; not only to know, but to feel and experience deep transformation.
    This resonated with me as well, as, being a very mental person, I am looking for more experience; more physical-cells-spiritual experiences that would transform myself and open my all being.
    It would be just fantastic if the Guardian Alliance could create face to face workshop where such intrinsic experiences could complement the learning and exercises of the Level 1 courses.
    Just food for thought to date.
    To close on this one; the GA course opened my eyes on many things; especially the way chakras are itnerconnected and how they link with our inner emotions and skills. This is a foundational knowledge that I will never forget and that I start using to live a more balanced life. The GA course helped me understand the importance of Balance in a world of speed and dematerialization.
    Thank you all to be part of this journey. And thank you so much to the GA team for their amazing work and contribution to our world. Be well Guardians.