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LIVE Sessions

PULSE Training Sessions

PULSE: Warrior

Warrior Jan 2018
David Beaudry

PULSE: Weaver

Weaver Jan 2018
Alex Fairman

Video Not Recorded for this Session

Wizard Feb 2018
Adam Apollo

PULSE: Healer

Healer Feb 2018
Sonya Sophia

PULSE: Ambassador Training Session

Ambassador Apr 2018
Adam Apollo

PULSE: Starwalker Training Session

Starwalker Apr 2018
Adam Apollo

PULSE: Warrior Training Session

Warrior May 2018
Ryan “Rif” Parks

PULSE: Weaver Training Session - Honoring Your Lineage

Weaver May 2018
Honoring Lineage

PULSE: Wizard Training Session

Wizard June 2018
Power, Mind, Soul

PULSE: Healer Training Session - Healing Environments

Healer July 2018
Healing Environments

PULSE: Ambassador Training Session - Public Speaking Skills

Ambassador July 2018
Public Speaking

PULSE: Starwalker Training Session - Third Eye Capabilities

Starwalker July 2018
Third-Eye Capabilities

Archived LIVE Sessions

LIVE Webinar: The Heart of Conflict Resolution
An introduction to the Art of restoring Peace



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Mastery Ring One: Axial Alignment
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