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LIVE Sessions

PULSE Training Sessions

PULSE: Warrior

Warrior Jan 2018
David Beaudry

PULSE: Weaver

Weaver Jan 2018
Alex Fairman

Wizard Feb 2018
Coming Soon!

Healer Feb 2018
Coming Soon!

Ambassador Mar 2018
Coming Soon!

Starwalker Mar 2018
Coming Soon!

Archived LIVE Sessions

LIVE Webinar: The Heart of Conflict Resolution
An introduction to the Art of restoring Peace



Previous Sessions in the Mastery Ring One Axis Series (Summer 2015):

Mastery Ring One - The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
Exploring the Warrior &
Healer Courses

Mastery Ring One - Diving Deeper

Diving Deeper
Exploring the Weaver & Ambassador Courses

Mastery Ring One - Awakening Awareness

Hacking Awakened Awareness
Exploring the Wizard &
Starwalker Courses
The Axis of Awareness


Mastery Ring One: Axial Alignment
Bringing the Community Together to Explore
Mastery Ring One & the Guardian Path



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