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Unified Physics, Cryptocurrency, & Starship Tech LIVE

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, LIVE Sessions, Starwalker

Watch the recording of this special event in the Guardian Alliance. Adam Apollo spoke in Vancouver BC for a Full Moon Event, and broadcasted online.

March 3rd 2018
3hr Recording

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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
  • John

    I bought a ticket for the online presentation this last Saturday in Vancouver *Unified Physics…*
    I was unable to watch it on Saturday and would like to view it today. How do I go about it?

    I bought it with Paypal the invoice ID is 14136.

    Thank you

    • Adam Apollo

      Hey John, the video is now online above.

  • Chad

    I bought a ticket as well,
    Order Number: 14134
    I do not see a place to view the presentation, only a place to buy another key.
    Your help is appreciated, thank you.

    • Adam Apollo

      Hey Chad, you should now see the video above if you were having issues previously. @guardianalliance-e655c7716a4b3ea67f48c6322fc42ed6:disqus

      • Chad

        Excellent, thank you!

  • Dieter

    Dearest Adam —- don’t know just how to view the presentation in Vancouver, I guess I payed for it, using Paypal, and today I got an email (March 9 — 2018) but I don’t see which button to push to watch the video…

    • Adam Apollo

      My apologies Dieter. You should now see the video above. @guardianalliance-6403675579f6114559c90de0014cd3d6:disqus