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Access Key – Initiation: Finding Your Path

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Ring One – Master Key

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This Access Key unlocks all SIX courses in Ring One!

This Master Key will give you complete access to all courses and resources, first access to Ring Two courses with a variety of amazing teachers, and give you foundational skills and practices that are fundamental to Mastering your Self and your Life.

By allowing you to explore all the courses in Ring One, this Mastery Key will provide you with a deeper awareness of how each Path comes together, integrating each aspect of your Being to develop True Mastery.

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Ring One – Yang Trine

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This Access Key unlocks the Warrior, Wizard, and Ambassador courses in Ring One.

Gain complete access to three of the amazing courses in the Mastery Ring One series, and develop your Yang skills as a creator in the world. Hone your body, mind, and communication skills to become a powerful change-maker!

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Ring One – Yin Trine

$188.00 $144.00

This Access Key unlocks the Weaver, Healer, and Starwalker courses in Ring One.

Gain access to three of the transformative courses in the Mastery Ring One series, and develop your Yin skills to sense and weave the wisdom of the world into your life more deeply. Open your emotional, sexual and social awareness, learn healing skills, and unlock your deeper spiritual vision!

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The Warrior courses focus on development of Physical Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to achieve the physical skill and prowess necessary to complete your missions on Planet Earth.

  • Secrets of energy behind all types of Martial Arts mastery.
  • A foundational exploration of Physical Mastery, vitality, and practical achievement.
  • Principles and techniques used by leading professional athletes and olympians.
  • Ways to overcome physical and mental hurdles and live with more strength and vitality.


The Weaver courses focus on development of Emotional Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to deepen your energetic sensitivity and apply your awareness for internal cultivation, sex, and relationships.

  • The keys to both alchemy and balance.
  • Cultivating internal energy and vitality.
  • Insights to enhance your sex life and intimacy.
  • Secrets to engaging in relationships through understanding sexual orientation.


The Wizard courses focus on development of Mental Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to awaken your mind and apply it, as precisely as a sword master, to creating or changing whatever you want in the world.

  • The power of the mind in creating reality.
  • Secret formulas to create mental containers to work out life puzzles and priorities.
  • Strategies for changing your patterns and your life through mental clearing.
  • The fundamental elements of real Magic.



The Healer courses focus on development of Interpersonal Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to develop your healing abilities and create a more powerful state of coherence in yourself, which can be applied in all areas of your life.

  • The heart and art of healing.
  • The keys to accessing coherence in every relationship or interaction.
  • Techniques for awakening powerful healing abilities.
  • Tools and practices of the healer.


The Ambassador courses focus on development of Communicable Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to unlock your communications skills, and empower the application of your voice, and the quality of your listening, to bring out your inherent leadership.

  • The true magic of the spoken word.
  • Insights into conflict resolution, mediation, and leadership.
  • The power of sharing your personal message and truth.
  • Techniques for enhancing your communication abilities.


The Starwalker courses focus on development of Spiritual Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to awaken your innate abilities to perceive, interact, and travel between the realms, remote view, and create a protected psychic Sanctuary.

  • How to unlock your third-eye and psychic abilities.
  • Practices and techniques to mastering higher sensory perception.
  • The secrets of the layers of the energy body.
  • Fundamental insights that lead to training in lucid dreaming, astral travel, and remote viewing.