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This Access Key unlocks the Ambassador courses in Ring One.

The Ambassador courses focus on development of Communicable Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to unlock your communications skills, and empower the application of your voice, and the quality of your listening, to bring out your inherent leadership.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • The true magic of the spoken word.
  • Insights into conflict resolution, mediation, and leadership.
  • The power of sharing your personal message and truth.
  • Techniques for enhancing your communication abilities.

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Preview of the Ambassador Course Path



“As I write my story, I come up against some resistance when writing about certain areas of my life. As I free write, memories come up of painful times. It has been very healing to write through these memories and to revisit parts of my life i attempt to repress. Thank you for the challenge! It is reminding me that all of my experiences, both pleasurable and painful have summed up to make the person I am today. <3”



“I was listening to the guided meditation at the end of the Wizard course, and as I was pulling in and creating what I wanted in that space, I saw a book manifest itself into my hands. I looked at the beautiful cover, and realized it was my book. A book I had/will write about my personal journey from paranormal, abusive, suppressed childhood, to a self loving, healing, intuitive, star connected being. I could feel the weight of the book, the thin cover, the smell of the pages, and I felt peace, contentment and Joy.

“Later I decided to watch the Ambassador Opening Session (what can I say I was feeling it!) where Simon spoke about sharing and stories. And I saw the book again, could feel it in my hands and I felt so connected to the words, the journey and the process. I feel this course will be the one to really break open some of my fears of sharing, and communicating my truth. Up until now I have been one to keep my truth and my story hidden away. Even writing this I am plauged with small fears, spiking their way through my mind, but I am trusting myself and this space 🙂

“This is my first step in learning to share, thank you all for being part of it <3”


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