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This Access Key unlocks the Wizard courses in Ring One.

The Wizard courses focus on development of Mental Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to awaken your mind and apply it, as precisely as a sword master, to creating or changing whatever you want in the world.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • The power of the mind in creating reality.
  • Secret formulas to create mental containers to work out life puzzles and priorities.
  • Strategies for changing your patterns and your life through mental clearing.
  • The fundamental elements of real Magic.

 Complete Course Path

Preview of the Wizard Course Path

 Visual Preview

Preview of the Wizard Course Path



“…Thank you for the Transcend and Include meditation. I really enjoyed the music and the overall experience, it was wonderful. I had the most amazing visions and feelings. I feel like I really know what I want to bring to this world and what I must do in order to get there. It’s getting clearer and clearer and it’s beautiful. I see the potential, I see the light, I feel the love. I know together we can do this. I love you and everyone. Thank you.”



“Loved the Wizard course materials, practices and meditations-they are so totally consistent with much of what I know and convey my awareness into the areas I didn’t know that I didn’t know! Thank you for leading Consciousness forward on this Planet.”


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