Soul Mechanics – Repair Your Energy Body – Access Key

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Your Energy Body Needs Repairs. Are you ready to do your tune up?

Soul Mechanics is an advanced course diving deep into the reality of the chakras and how their health is creating your life experience. This is a highly practical course for individuals ready to take immediate action to heal their wounded energy centers through practical steps and clear intentions. 

By now you probably know about the chakras – but this course will make the process of diagnosing and healing your energy body crystal clear – giving you a method to diagnose your blocked or weakened chakras – and know what to do about it. 

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Product Description

This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • Locate the 7 Chakras in your body
  • Understand the basic functions, energies, and purpose of each chakra
  • Be able to diagnose whether each chakra is blocked, healthy, or blown open
  • Anchor in the fundamental attitudes of healthy power in each of your 7 chakras
  • Understand how to identify how your energy body may be functioning as it relates to different everyday activities
  • Understand the practical steps you need to take to strengthen or repair any one of your chakras
  • Understand how to use meditation to heal parts of the energy body

This Course Covers…

  • The essential knowledge pertaining to each chakra and a map to understanding your life experience
  • How to use the little behaviors you and your friends have to understand WHICH chakra they are operating out of
  • Ways to gain deep insights into the value systems the govern each chakra – as you consciously choose which chakras you want to develop and bring forth in your life
  • How to diagnose each chakra in your life as blocked, healthy, or completely blown open ( that needs to be turned down)
  • Clear action steps to take to develop the health of each chakra that you can put to use immediately
  • Powerful audio meditations that will enhance the energy of each chakra and fast track your healing process.

Visual Previews

Preview of the Soul Mechanics Course Entry Preview of the Root Chakra Healing Meditation Preview of the Crown Chakra Diagnostics
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