BioKhemia: Alchemy for the Human Avatar


BioKhemia is an extensive guide to foundational alchemy from the Jewish occult comprehension and collaborates Traditional Chinese Medicine & Cultivation practices. It’s an old form of alchemical application with a modern twist; comparing leading sciences such as physics, epigenetics, and other medical research to unwrap the deeper knowledge that comes from alchemical texts.

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This Course Includes:

  • Foundational Alchemy
  • Historical & Cultural Context of Alchemical Info
  • Chinese Medical Herbalism
  • Jewish Cultivation Traditions & Practices
  • Physics Theories and Epigenetics of Alchemical Phases
  • Biologic application of Alchemical Phases & Philosophy

About the Author:

Alexandria (Ashtroeth) Russell is a practicing Alchemist, Herbalist and Jewish Non-Orthodox כֹּהֵן‎, Kōhēnet, with seven years of experience in her crafts. She has studied biochemistry, applied chemistry, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Acupuncture, Anthropology and Sociology. Combined with her personal and ancestral experiences, she has conducted experiments and reconstructed ancient practices for practical modern application. This extensive course details the foundational pillars of alchemy, as well as extrasensory practices, and will broaden your comprehension of Jewish occult practices that have been passed down.

As the Core Healer course for Ring Two, this is the prerequisite course for the upcoming Ring Two Healer courses.