Dance Djedi – Adrian Lobo


Welcome to the Dance Djedi!

In this special course you will learn the secrets of Djedi movement in martial arts and elemental dance styles!

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Adrian “Lobo” Miramontes is an internationally recognized performance artist and street dance champion who utilizes the movement arts to inspire mastery of body & self. He is known for his specialty in the various street dance styles of Pop & Lock (aka Popping) and Internal Martial Arts.  Yoga & Qigong certified Instructor, Daoist Disciple of the Zheng Yi lineage, and Reiki Master;

Lobo has won 1st place in over 20 street dance competitions (most recently the USA winner of Waves Within online tournament), toured and performed with many music festival headliners (most notably Clozee, Deya Dova, and David Starfire), and is a pioneer in sacred street dance culture. He is the creator of an online dance school called The Dance Djedi Academy which takes a spiritual approach to the street dance arts fused with eastern mysticism.

His mission is to inspire humanity through his craft to become masters of our body, energy, and consciousness in order to awaken our greatest potential.

Adrian Lobo - Forest Ninja

Enter the path of the Dance Djedi

This is a dance path that approaches street dance as a spiritual practice for self mastery and transformation. It is a system that blends urban street dance with eastern mysticism and ancient wisdom. The Dance Djedi is all about becoming a mover of the life force energy through dance, specifically through the street dance styles of Pop’lock which are known for their mind-blowing illusions & jaw-dropping effects. This path draws from ancient energetic artforms such as Daoist Internal martial arts and Energy Medicine to help the dancer truly move the life force through their body & movement.

This course will give you the foundations to help you get started onto your path of dance mastery. You will receive authentic street dance teachings on:

  • how to improve your technical dance prowess
  • how to increase body control and mind-body coordination
  • concepts to inspire creativity & innovation in motion
  • methods to enter into deeper flow states with your dance

At the same time you will also learn holistic wisdom to help you learn how to move the life force energy through Qigong and Taichi, meditations to help you align with a higher power, and how ancient principles can be applied to movement to help you tap into your greatest dance expression.

This course is divided into 3 modules that will initiate you into the Dance Djedi world. Each module contains training videos on guided drills & exercises, choreography training to install new movement vocabulary, and freestyle exercises to improve your flow state with dance. Each module also contains a homework section that will teach you how to actually train the material so you can embody it to the best of your ability along with Dance challenges to truly test yourself to see how well you learned the material.

Adrian Lobo - Dance Djedi

At the end of each module you will be given Djedi Theory videos which are lecture style presentations on the lore of the Dance Djedi,  our movement philosophy, history of street dance culture, and many bonus exercises.

With all that being said, you are invited to take your first steps onto the Path of the Dance Djedi and activate the wonders of dance mastery into your life. Prepare yourself to tap into your life force energy, awaken your greatest dance potential, and transform into your next level embodiment!

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