Past-Life Integration


Join Adam Apollo for a deep dive into Past-Life Integration & The Art of Time Travel, learning skills and techniques for recovering memory across physical, emotional, and mental experiences, while navigating karmas, healing traumas, and bringing forth skills from your past incarnations. This short course will provide you with a comprehensive foundation for working with your Soul Stream at a practical level in daily life, enabling you to gain abilities and remove obstacles in order to fulfill your current Life Destiny.

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Last Chance!

The first LIVE public session is Friday July 14th. You can still register for the course until July 25th when registration closes. The first private student session occurs on July 28th.

Adam Apollo began having spontaneous recall experiences in 1996, and developed a transpersonal psychological process to study his own memories and those of others over a decade between 2000 and 2010. He has supported hundreds of people in unlocking and accessing clear and definitive past-life recall, and developed healing and integration techniques to support many of them in this profound self-development work.

Adam Apollo currently has rich and comprehensive memory of 19 lifetimes on Earth, along with six lifetimes on planets in other solar systems. He has regained skills from many of these lifetimes, including Mastery in a variety of Swordforms, Martial Arts, Cooking Techniques, Manifestation Methods, Chess, Poetry, Musical Talents, Vocal Talents, Calligraphy, Leadership Approaches, Advanced Physics, Engineering, Trans-Planetary Cultural Knowledge, Healing Techniques, Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry, Magick, and much much more.


Completing this Course unlocks the Mastery Ring Two Starwalker-Warrior Badge



This course includes:

  • How to access past-life memories
  • How to assess what are actual memories versus archetypal memories
  • Address past-life karma and trauma patterns Integrate skills from past-lives and time-travel to important events
  • Shape identity and purpose through understanding our trajectory through lives

A Series of LIVE Sessions with Additional Reading & Materials

The LIVE Introductory session on July 14th will kick off a series of course sessions every Friday.

Recordings will be made available on the Course pages, along with additional written materials.

Special Bonus!

You will also receive the introductory chapter of Adam Apollo’s forthcoming new book: The Dragon Key – exploring lifetimes of memory across history and the Galaxy.

Session Dates:

July 14th: LIVE Introduction
July 28st: The Key of Identity
August 4th: Mastering Memory
August 11th: Healing & Integration

Save the dates!

Earns the Starwalker Warrior Badge