Guardian Membership (Seasonal)

Suggested Price: $33.33 every 3 months

Guardian Members get access to the entire suite of Mastery Ring One courses, and a season to explore them! Simply remain a Member after three months and you can continue to access all six courses in Mastery Ring One ongoing… You can set your own donation amount (we deeply appreciate some donation, but there is no minimum). You will also gain access to the Member’s Vault, exclusive courses, quests, media, LIVE Sessions, discounts on gear, and more. Your continued monthly donation will help us to build the infrastructure of the Alliance and produce more great content and materials to support you in your journey of self-mastery, and your initiation into your work as a Guardian on Earth.

 every 3 months

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Benefits Include:
  • Total Access to all SIX Mastery Ring One Courses!
  • Access to SEVEN community Arenas for Q&A and discussion!
  • Access to The Vault: Videos, Audio Recordings, & More
  • Free Exclusive Courses & Quests (not available anywhere else)
  • Discounts on Courses & Private Sessions
  • Exclusive Media, Archives, and Podcasts
  • Special LIVE Sessions with Faculty
  • Discounts on Guardian Gear
  • Choose your own price!
  • Seasonal renewal every three months!