Ring One – Starwalker


This Access Key unlocks the Starwalker courses in Ring One.

The Starwalker courses focus on development of Spiritual Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to awaken your innate abilities to perceive, interact, and travel between the realms, remote view, and create a protected psychic Sanctuary.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • How to unlock your third-eye and psychic abilities.
  • Practices and techniques to mastering higher sensory perception.
  • The secrets of the layers of the energy body.
  • Fundamental insights that lead to training in lucid dreaming, astral travel, and remote viewing.

 Complete Course Path

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Preview of the Starwalker Course Path



“First let me say how very much I am excited by and deeply enjoying this final course. I recognize my journey through each of the five former archetypes that have occurred in my earlier years– and happily realize Starwalker is where I live and explore now. It is so much fun and opportunity to be learning more here with everyone and integrating more of my experiences as a “sensitive”. And thank you for so clearly delineating the difference between channeling and mediumship. I resonate strongly with what you say about each, having had direct experience with both. Your cautions about channelling are helpful and important. Your focus on preparation, thorough education, and clear instructions will help all of us gain higher skill and broader knowledge in the Astral. Much Love and Appreciation from a Sister Sirian Starwalker.”


“Every paragraph is immense in quality of content, thank you. I’m working hard on my-self, And I feel lucky for that. I do have to do a lot healing first. I also sense that kind of karma, and I also know that it can be unwound. I’ll do this. I’m reading this out loud, like feeling you through your words addressing me with so good aim, feeling your senses through mine and feeling my truth, my-self and feeling you feeling me… this is love coming from the Source of All Love, from here I may continue.. I have to admit, I feel like a Djedi right now.”


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