The Body Starship 2018

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Quantum Geometry
& The Physics of Consciousness

We are immersed in energy, navigating the landscape of spacetime through our senses, perceiving only a tiny fraction of the vibrations all around us. Ancient cultures around the world left us stories about the fantastic potential latent in our bodies, yet we are only just beginning to understand the science behind their claims.

Join Adam Apollo in an exploration of the Body Starship, our personal vehicle for traversing the Universe, and discover many of the hidden gifts embedded the Sacred Geometry of our Chakras. Turn on your senses, cultivate a more subtle sensitivity, and go beyond the limits of perception imposed by popular belief. Learn how to balance and enhance your internal energetic engines, allowing you to reach new peaks in physical performance, and go beyond the boundaries of the body itself.

LIVE Workshop in
Grand Haven, Michigan

Saturday October 27th 2018
from 3:00pm – 6:00pm EDT

Located at a private residence with beautiful lake views and land. Please register for location information and further details about the event.

Sliding Scale Offering: $33 minimum requested donation

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