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The Challenge

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R0 - Introduction

This is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. Massive changes are on the horizon for our entire world, and we all get to play a part in how things turn out. For you to be finding us at this time means that exciting new doors are opening in your life. We are here to activate the latent potential in all those who are seeking to align with their life’s purpose and unlock their potential.

In order for us to really set the stage for the work of becoming a Guardian, we first must take a sober look at the world we live in with a critical eye. We must understand what is going on around us to know what is being asked for; we must understand the place and time we have been born into. This means looking at both the positive and negative trends occurring on planet earth.

Many are aware that we currently face serious dysfunction in every aspect of modern society. It is important to be keenly aware of this dysfunction; not so that we become depressed, but so that we are inspired to respond to the challenges at hand. It is important to understand the darkness so we can accept ourselves, and discover how to shine. The shadows in us conceal our deepest gifts, and through facing them, we awaken courage that we may never otherwise bring forth. The darkness is a catalyst for the light to blossom.

Let’s take a look at what our world is facing today with a keen eye. Pay close to attention to which of these issues touches you most deeply; it is said that your purpose is often found in what upsets you most about the world.


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Security Sentinel

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