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What is at the Core?

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The dysfunctions we witness externally in the world are the reflections of internal dysfunctions in humanity’s psychological state, particularly due to fears and insecurities. It is not a broken economy or political system that is the true source of the challenges we’ve explored in this Lesson, but an inner conflict within humanity itself: a feeling of disconnection and emotional pain, a deep fear that separates us, and a sense of disempowerment  that keeps us from creating the world that our hearts know is possible. What we need are shining examples of the divine potential within us all to remind us of the good that we are. We need Guardians. That is why you are here.

In this “choose your own adventure” game of Life, you have the opportunity to shelter yourself from the pain and fear, and continue to feel your own layers of disconnection from all that you are… You also have the opportunity to accept the pain and fear, connecting with the part of yourself and the world that hurts the most. In this path, you begin to transform the challenges in your life and the world through filling those spaces with your consciousness, your love, and your compassion.

This is a huge step for anyone to take, and those who embark upon this adventure should do so with full awareness that their entire life may change, with every aspect being transmuted to release all blockages (or sanskaras), and reconnect you with the full experience of your Unified Field.

Thank you for this contemplation. We hope that this journey together will help you make this decision. Fear not, there is light at the end of the tunnel…

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