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Many of us are familiar with archetypes throughout modern society and culture. From career types like doctor, lawyer, corporate executive, small business owner, etc, to astrological archetypes like your Sun Sign (Adam Apollo is a Pisces). In literary history, archetypes shape the common characters across many great stories, and these are often associated with astrological archetypes.

For example, in the latter episodes of the Star Wars saga, Luke Skywalker undergoes the Hero’s Journey (more on this later) as the Sun in the center of the story’s solar system. Darth Vader plays the opposite end of the spectrum, as Pluto, holding the dark secrets that reveal his true past, and Saturn, forcing him to face his fears and responsibilities. Leia is Venus, the beautiful female attractor, while Han Solo plays Mars, the masculine character learning about dedication and direction. Obi-wan Kenobi is Jupiter, bringing the lessons of faith and trust, while Yoda is Chiron, the zen-master teaching stillness and inner awareness. The Emperor has similar Saturnian qualities as Vader, challenging Luke to decide who he is going to be in his existence. Others have suggested R2-D2 has Lunar characteristics, while C-3PO has obvious Mercurial qualities.1

Many archetypes seem to confine us, trying to fit us into a “definition box.” Yet we innately resist this, because internally we know just how dynamic our consciousness is. The more we are told that we are “this type of person,” the more we want to prove to ourselves and others that we cannot simply be sorted, stamped, and sealed into any fate.

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On the other hand, there are qualities that inspire us, certain types of experiences that excite us, and certain practices that activate and awaken us individually. We may find it difficult to deny that there are certain characteristics that we aspire toward, or that a chart reading by a Master Astrologer might “peg us,” or that certain archetypal forms of divination might describe our lives “to the letter.” However, any studious observer of archetypal patterns can be assured of one thing: we change.

I-Ching Sphere -

The ancient taoist divination system, the “I-Ching”, is often simply referred to as “The Book of Changes.” The I-Ching shows us that every energetic state is an archetype to some extent, part of greater patterns of energy and experience that make up time, and the Universe itself. Every single energy pattern is in motion, growing in its expression of Yin or Yang across a series of levels or layers of experience. When there is too much Yin or Yang, the energy changes direction fluidly, restoring balance.

Imagine filling a cup with water. It continues filling, becoming heavier and more substantial, until finally it is full. At that moment, the cup will no longer become heavier, or more full, it can only become less full. Water will now flow out of the cup, as the energy goes from flowing in to the cup, to flowing out of the cup. This is a simple way to understand the transition between Yin and Yang.


In the Guardian Alliance, we recognize that there is an inherent resonance to your pool of greatest potential, and that finding your Path to this pool will empower you in every area of your life. We also recognize that once that pool is nourished and becomes “full,” you will have energy flowing into other areas of your life. By following this experience of inner “flow,” you can stay in the sweet spot, activating your deepest potential in all areas, while refining your awareness of your Core Purpose and direction in Life.

Welcome to the Path of Self Mastery.

As you study the archetypes here, reflect on the feeling in your body. Notice when you feel strong resonance, and where you feel resistance. You might even feel repulsion; this feeling is okay, as it can show you where you have the potential for a breakthrough in understanding about yourself and the journey of life itself. Write the archetypes down on a piece of paper as you proceed, and place marks next to each of them as you feel resonances while reading.

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