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The Archetypes

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R0 - Introduction

In this Lesson, we will dive into each of the core Archetypes, the Paths of the Guardian Alliance. When you finish this Initiation course, you will have an opportunity to dive deeper into any or all of these Paths, learning specific skills and techniques that will surface your innate abilities. You will need an Access Key from the Gatehouse to open each of the Gates to these Paths, and further your training. Visit the Gatehouse when you complete this course to learn more.

As you explore each of the Archetypes in this Lesson, feel how they resonate inside your body and emotions. Which ones activate you? Which feel difficult? You may want to take notes as you proceed. Begin with the Introduction.

Security Sentinel

This is the Security Sentinel of the Guardian Alliance Academy. It will activate upon any breach of the Guardian Principles. Messaging the Sentinel directly will not result in a response.