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Essence: Interpersonal Mastery
Harmonic: Green
Axis of Purpose

Do you have a deep love for others, even people you don’t know? Do you have a strong connection to nature? Have you been told you have a healing touch or presence? When someone is in need of help, do you leap to respond?

You may already be a great Healer.

Each of us has a bit of the Healer archetype within us. It emerges in moments of compassion, when we put aside our personal needs and desires to show up and assist others, and it also develops within us when we begin to care for ourselves with a similar level of compassion and kindness. The Healer develops Interpersonal Mastery through feeling and understanding the relationship between their self and others, and between each individual and the Universe.

When life is challenging, and we struggle with physical, emotional or mental difficulties, Healers are those who feel the deep current of purpose to provide aid, helping to restore and strengthen each person they work with so that they might return to or reach their state of highest potential.

Throughout history, the Healer archetype has played an essential role in society, providing physical aid for injuries, medicinal aid for internal illness, and spiritual aid or counsel for mental and emotional conditions. Great Healers integrate many facets of the other archetypes, developing a clear understanding of the physical body (Warrior), an emotional awareness and sensitivity (Weaver), and a mental clarity to observe and understand an individual’s condition and how to approach the healing process (Wizard). The also must apply intuition (Starwalker) and communication skills (Ambassador). As we will explore further, Mastery in any one archetype relies on developing skills in each of the other archetypes.

Healing is offering a helping hand...
Heart Chakra Mandala by Ash Harrison
The Healer Harmonic is green, one of the primary colors of the Heart Chakra, which is all about Love, compassion, and unity. It is connected to the physical heart and energetic heart center, as well as the lungs. In Chinese medicine the heart is the most important organ in the body anchoring our spiritual essence in our physical bodies. When the heart stops, the spirit may separate from the body.

At the most fundamental level, Healers practice imbuing physical life with the radiance of joy, love, unity, and kinship. The strength of development in this practice is based on two pillars: Self-Love and Trust. When we trust in life’s goodness we are able to keep our heart open and available to receiving love in all its forms. We trust that life will provide. When we have self-love and acceptance we have no need for external validation or approval, and we can share this love with all beings.

When the Heart Chakra of an individual is fully opened, they may display great love, compassion, empathy and intuition. When these gifts arise, they can stimulate dramatic changes in life.

Two Pillars as One: Self-Love and Trust
Heart Leaves

When the gift of empathy grows, one may feel others emotions with great acuity, and it becomes very important to learn how to create healthy boundaries. Similar to the Weaver’s practice, without clear boundaries, Healers can become drained or enmeshed in codependent relationships. As compassion blooms, Healers may tend to put the needs of others, the family or community ahead of their own. It is a Healer’s natural gift to attune to relationship dynamics and help bring balance and harmony, yet they cannot do this at the expense of their own health.

One of the great lessons for the Healer archetype in each of us is learning how to receive and take time for ourselves.

Through the natural development of interpersonal awareness, Healers come to understand the interconnection of all life, and learn to surrender their ego identification and feeling of separation.

By releasing our fears of being judged, a natural sense of love and peace begins to emerge. This energy radiates, purifying both mental and emotional fields within, and throughout the surrounding environment. Have you noticed that you have the capacity to calm, uplift or affect people in a positive way through your presence, touch or words? Do you feel that you are acutely aware of the emotional or energetic states when you stand next to someone or step into a room?

Sacred Geometry holds the Key to Coherence, and Healing
Listen Deeply... To Everything

Individuals with a strong Healer archetype are usually great listeners, and are able to pick up on nonverbal cues, often sensing and using body language to deepen a sense of trust, safety and intimacy. They may also find refreshment and restoration through a deep connection to nature, and often have a sensitive touch.

We are all born with open hearts, yet the dramatic challenges of physical life may leave us feeling separate from the eternal presence of love, and we may shut down our hearts. In this world, sometimes we need protection to preserve space for our innocence, our purity and our joy.  A Healer is in tune with this challenge, directly facing the deeper spiritual quest for a purpose-driven and love filled life.

Healers are also Guardians, fulfilling their own purpose through their desire to help alleviate the suffering of others. Their core mission often involves helping others remember and feel the truth of their spiritual essence.

We must support ourselves with Love, first.

Have you gone through your own healing process and feel called to help others in the same way?  Do you feel this calling to help heal and awaken others? Do you feel drawn to help others love, forgive and accept who they truly are?

  1. Heart Chakra Image by Ash Harrison on Deviant Art

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