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Essence: Mental Mastery
Harmonic: Yellow
Axis of Insight

Do you have a clear sense of your beliefs? Are you confident in your abilities to think and work through problems? Do you enjoy learning, study, and strategy? Are you in command of your mind and emotions? Are you well organized and do you know how to make things happen in this world?

You may already be a great Wizard.

Every great business training or transformational program begins with a process of getting to know our own minds. Our beliefs and concepts about ourselves and the world can either empower us, or they can limit us. If we want our lives to improve, we must honestly begin to address the areas where our beliefs are weak, removing self-deprecating and limiting stories we tell ourselves. Then we can begin to develop a strong mental framework, built on a foundation of self-acceptance, and fueled by the awareness that we can achieve absolutely anything.

Through proper mental framing, we generate belief systems and self-concepts that give us a deeper sense of our personal power, and we gain the capacity to create change directly in our lives.

Changing our Beliefs can Free Us
A Wizard Creates through Planning and Careful Compositions

This is not a new idea… In fact, it has been the basis of occult magic and metaphysical teachings for thousands of years. The power to change our experience, and the world around us, through the application of our mental focus, combining intention, energy, and action, is what Magic is really all about. The Wizard is an archetype that reflects Mental Mastery, the power to shift reality through the power of will and carefully orchestrated patterns of energy and action.

These days every self-help book tells us: “if you believe, you can achieve.” We are told that if we hold something in our minds, feeling our connection with some vision, idea, or object, it will come into our lives. We are also cautioned that if we are constantly thinking about our limitations, then we will continue to experience those limitations. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg, a fast-food version of what can be an artful culinary composition that enriches every aspect of our lives.

The art of the Wizard is developed through exploring the architecture of consciousness, getting to know each aspect of Being, and playing with recipes that bring together the right ingredients to create change within, and in turn, in the world. While that might sound quite esoteric, if you have ever attempted to create a business or organization, you have already practiced this process.

Exploring questions like these assembles a creative recipe to make Magic in the world:

  • Why do you feel called to create this project?
  • Who are the right people to bring to the table?
  • What is the right branding (color, geometry, energy) and symbolism for the project?
  • How can you condense your vision into a clear and short “elevator pitch”?
  • What are the resources you need to manifest different aspects of the business plan?
  • Where are you going to market your project or release it in the world?
  • When is it going to launch?

It is important to understand that this type of process is not just good for creating a business, it can be applied to creating anything you want in your life. The elements of the recipe might be different, but the process of defining and shaping energy to create works the same.

In the Guardian Alliance Wizard courses, we will explore ancient and modern techniques of crafting “spells,” recipes that combine the right parts of your inner vision and applied will to change your life, and change the world.

We represent the Wizard archetype with a golden yellow, often associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Like the Sun, the mind radiates our thoughts, visions, and ideas out into the world around us with the help of our emotional resonance, and physical actions.

In the ancient writings of Taijiquan (a primarily internal martial art practice), the Mind Intent is in command of each choice, like the General of an army. When the Mind Intent is focused on a direction, the Chi (life-force energy) follows, like the Captains leading their respective troops. Finally, the Chi moves the blood, providing resources where they are needed in our bodies to complete any action.1

Solar Plexus Expressional Chakra Rendering
Ignite your Mental Lattice

The Solar Plexus Chakra is like a lens for the Mind Intent, focusing our awareness and willpower in a direction of our choices. There are very physical sensations we experience around this energy center in our bodies. You may have noticed that in confrontations or negotiations, the energy in your stomach gives you a visceral sensation that is directly in sync with your experience of conflict with another person’s will. These sensations may immediately cease when the other person shifts into agreement with you, or upon your surrender to their will, but only if this choice is in alignment with your core integrity.

The strength of a Wizard is centered in this integrity. Are you keeping your word to others in life? If you feel out of integrity in your life, this feeling will be centered in your third Chakra. The moment you begin to take your promises seriously, and live an honest life rooted in your integrity, you will notice a sensation of power build in this Chakra, like a growing Golden Sun. You will FEEL stronger, more dependable, and more capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.


We often try to keep our promises to others and live honestly. Yet on the other side of the coin, are you keeping your word to yourself? How many times do you end up saying to yourself you are going to do something do you then end up not sticking to it?

The challenges of a Wizard give way as they develop a dedication to Truth. As we accept what we have done up until this moment, and choose to act in greater coherence with our inner Truth, our minds unfold and discover more of what that Truth actually is. We begin to see ourselves and all the layers of our reality as a direct reflection.

What is true for you? What is real? What is worth standing for? What great work is worth your time and energy? What magic are you here to create?

  1. Cultivating the Ch’i – Chen Kung Series of translations by Stuart Alve Olson

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