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Essence: Communicable Mastery
Harmonic: Blue
Axis of Creation

Do you keep tabs on all the networks around you, working to interconnect them? Do you love to express yourself through writing, speaking, creating media or performing? Are you creatively gifted? Do you feel a calling to teach others or share information?

You may already be a great Ambassador.

The Ambassador archetype in each of us has the innate gift of communication. Ambassadors refine this capacity, learning to shape their lives through developing their ability to relate to others, and meet them wherever they are at. This ability expands, as Ambassadors increase their awareness of the archetypes around them, and the communication types that enable them to reach each individual or group of people. Eventually, the self-mastery of the Ambassador becomes Communicable Mastery, and they become capable of sharing all their personal growth and realizations with others.

In history, Ambassadors are often depicted as the peacemakers, those who create alliances and establish treaties between tribes, nations, races, and organizations. Inherent in this work is the inevitable challenge of conflict, and the practice of compromise and mutual understanding to enable resolution.

Conflict resolution is one of the core tenants of Guardianship. Through developing the capacity to identify the root cause of conflicts, and then establish rapport between conflicting parties, a Guardian learns to arbitrate conflicts and restore a deeper understanding between those experiencing it.

An Ambassador Arbitrates Conflicts
The Art of creating rapport involves cultural awareness. As we come to understand the patterns of behavior in each culture, from linguistic styles to belief systems, we gain access to the motivations that drive people’s actions and behaviors. We then have the opportunity to engage them where they are at, accepting them without judgement, and communicate with them in a way that acknowledges a mutual understanding, and offers a clear reflection.

Rapport: a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Throat Chakra Expression by Chakra Healing Sounds

We represent the Harmonic of the Ambassador with blue, the color of the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is our center of communication, which incorporates the awareness of all our Chakras and layers of experience to receive, interpret and transmit information. It anchors into our physical body, as our internal body systems are constantly in communication, and our whole body is constantly in communication with our surroundings.

While the Root Chakra stimulates and empowers our individual body, the Throat Chakra acts as a bridge between our bodies and all other bodies in the Universe. It regulates information exchange through the fields of our relationships. This happens at a quantum level, through the entanglement of our energy field in connection with other energies throughout the Universe, which some scientists currently suggest may be happening through wormhole networks at the subatomic level.1,2

This information exchange also occurs with every touch, every spoken word, everything we see, everything we sense, every look, gesture, and sound we make and receive. Each exchange of information changes our neurological system, changing our thoughts, feelings, and actions. The Throat Chakra acts like a command center for these information dynamics, shaping what we receive, what we believe, and what we express.

Ambassadors develop this command center through practicing communication with others in their lives. They may lean more on expression at first, feeling the thrill of sharing information and knowledge, whether or not they are being consciously heard by others. Others enriching their Ambassador archetype may find themselves quiet for a period of their lives, spending much more time listening and considering the thoughts, feelings, and expressions of others without unveiling much of their own interpretations.

A Clear Reflection is Worth a Billion Stars
Dance is an amazing communication practice for Ambassadors...

Over time, Ambassadors learn to dance between listening and expressing, finding the patterns in communication that allow those they connect with to feel deeply heard, and sharing their own insights with candor and clarity. This opens many doors, as people immediately recognize this social skill and encourage Ambassadors to speak more, teach more, or provide counsel to others.

At each phase of our communicative growth, we expand our awareness of what it takes to reach people. We become more aware of the diversity of perspectives around the world, and realize that only some ideas are universally accepted. Communicative Mastery involves being able to access these universal connections between all living beings, and bring awareness of those connections into relationships to foster understanding, acceptance, and love.


In the Guardian Alliance, Ambassadors embark on the quest to unlock the secrets of communication and interconnection. The keys to great communication can be applied in any business or project, and incorporates skills in mediation, management, business and organizational development, and is useful in nearly any interaction in the world.

What do you have to share with this world? What is your deepest mission, and are you connecting with the right people in the right ways to make it happen? Do you feel like others truly understand you, and do you understand them? Are you called to help people understand each other and the Universe on a more profound and inspiring level?

  1. Livescience – Spooky Physics Phenomenon May Link Universe’s Wormholes
  2. The Resonance Project – Physicists attempt to cool down a heated debate by suggesting quantum entanglement occurs through spacetime wormholes.
  3. Header image by Matthew Little Photography

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