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Essence: Spiritual Mastery
Harmonic: Purple
Axis of Spirit

Are you connected to your intuition in ways that defy logic? Do you have spiritual phenomena occurring around you? Are you frequently aware of your dream life, and feel it intersecting with your waking life? Do you lucid dream? Are you able to see/sense/feel beyond the confines of your physical body?

You may already be a great Starwalker.

The Starwalker archetype reflects that part of us that already knows how to walk amidst the stars, traversing the realms, and connecting with others non-locally, or non-physically. Starwalkers develop the ability to feel and connect with people or objects at a distance (remote viewing or astral travel), and also engage with beings who are not physically embodied. When these gifts are innate in an individual, they often speak with spirits from a young age and have dreams of traveling to other planets and connecting with beings and creatures thought to be mythological.

For many, the Starwalker’s path is difficult to understand or comprehend. Our current society has placed so much trust in the models of modern science and the need to constantly obtain external proof of certain phenomena, it tends to ignore that the phenomena exist in the first place. Yet even in the most advanced theoretical physics and neurosciences, it is acknowledged that we have only barely begun to understand consciousness.

It might be more appropriate to say that we’ve simple forgotten many of the insights gleaned by cultures around the world for thousands of years. Many of those insights are difficult to resolve with some of the modern scientific models, so they are seldom explored or highly controversial to address. Yet we see archeological and anthropological evidence of people working with spirits, accessing highly advanced astronomical knowledge from “gods” who come from the stars, or sharing incredibly accurate visions or prophecies gleaned from lucid dreams.

Ancestral Spirits, or Star Nation Guides?
Additional Resource

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VIDEO: Sioux Chief Speaks About Star People/White Buffalo Calf Woman

The Greek Oracle of Delphi channeled the words and insights of Apollo to the people. Druids developed the ability to speak with animals, along with Wiccans, who communicate with Nature and the Elementals. Native American tribes almost uniformly describe these practices, as well as dream travel and extraterrestrial contact. In fact, all of the major ceremonies of the Lakota people are based on the teachings of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, who is widely believed to be an Ambassador from the Star Nations.

These are only a few examples, and we could spend the rest of this course listing others. Yet this is not important, as those of you who resonate with this archetype already know that you are not the only one, otherwise you probably would not be here, reading this.

Yet if you are discovering these ideas for the first time, and are interested in exploring them more deeply, we will cover many different practices and techniques for activating your Starwalker abilities in the upcoming Ring One courses of the Guardian Alliance.

The Harmonic of the Starwalker is identified by purple, which is often identified with the Third Eye Chakra and the entry to the Crown. Our Third Eye Chakra regulates our communication with the Universe above the limitations of language and symbolic constructs. At this level of our energy body, we experience similar dynamics as our Throat Chakra, except that we become fully aware that our communication extends far beyond our apparent physical boundaries. The Third Eye modulates our awareness of energy, the collective emotional field, and consciousness itself.

As we develop our Third Eye we become increasingly aware that there are energies that our physical eye cannot see, and yet these energies are all around us. Remember that the visible spectrum only comprises a small slice of the electromagnetic radiation that flows throughout the Universe, and through understanding more of the whole electromagnetic spectrum, we have developed radio, television and other wireless communications, applications of microwaves and infrared light, x-rays, and more, and our physical eyes do not see any of those frequencies.

Third-Eye Chakra Expressional Representation
We can learn to touch the quantum field of spacetime itself...

Every object around us has a thermal field (infrared heat radiation), every atom has an electromagnetic field, and over 100 years ago we determined that the quantum vacuum of “empty” space is also full of oscillations, extremely fine vibrations we don’t yet have the technological instruments to “see.”1,2,3 However, it has also been found recently that the microtubules in our brain may be of the scale necessary to interface with these quantum fluctuations.4 It may be that our physical bodies are already the most advanced device to perceive the Universe that we have, and that our perceptual skills can be cultivated.

For those who have a well developed Starwalker archetype, this is already known to be true. The changing energy fields of objects and people has probably already been witnessed, and the information gained from mediation, dreaming, or just intuitive insight has already surpassed what modern science may have suggested is possible.

This points straight to the challenge of the Starwalker. How does one bridge these worlds, bringing an awareness of our human energy field and spiritual faculties (which few in modern societies have learned to see) forward in a way that can be accepted? At a deeper level, how can we accept ourselves, and the insights we have had, when others may not understand or agree with them? Even facing the limitations of being in a physical body can be difficult for those born with innate Starwalker gifts.

The journey of the Starwalker is about finding acceptance and Peace with the consciousness within us, and around us. This peace eventually expands into Joy, the force of knowing our Truth and it’s magnificence. Peace allows us to trust the Justice of the Universe itself, and feel the Honor inherent to all life, and the grace that makes it possible. This gift of peace awakens Love.

The work of the Starwalker is to integrate the worlds within, and be a bridge for others. As Guardians, the Starwalkers bring intuitions and visions forward to help resolve challenging situations. They gain a higher vantage point on any experience, and work to reveal the universal coherence that already exists.

A Starwalker is a bridge between worlds...

What are your visions? What can you see about the world that can help others? What insights do you have about the nature of reality that might expand our perception of the world, and encourage all of us to look again with fresh eyes? What does the future look like? What part of creating that future do you want to play?

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