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Essence: Physical Mastery
Harmonic: Red
Axis of Life

Do you feel in touch with your physical body? Do you have a strong work ethic? Are you a person with an abundance of energy to get moving and experience life? Are you aware of your financial needs and do what you need to do to ensure your security? Do you work out, physically training, as often as possible?

You may already be a great Warrior.

The Warrior archetype is centered around the essence of Physical Mastery. Over the ages, it has been those who have faced the greatest physical challenges (often through the threat of loss of life itself) that have developed and refined their physical skills, strength, dexterity, and movement capabilities. From the farmer who lost everything to a passing army and spent the rest of his life becoming a master martial artist, to tribes who were raided and retaliated, to the mercenaries lured into service in war by greedy rulers, physical challenges have shaped this archetype across the ages.

While the word Warrior may not seem to reflect the principles of peace we have described thus far, it is a term that arises from identification through experience, not expectation. When have you been a Warrior in your life? When have you overcome physical hardship, the anguish of war, the challenge of conflict? What has it taught you?

We all know this archetype to an extent. For some, hundreds or thousands of years of experience in this archetype have laid a pipeline through life, propelling the movement of an individual’s energy and interest into physical activities, team sports, opportunities to face potential injury or death, and when it is imbalanced, into conflicts.

The key of the Warrior is understanding balance. The astrological sign of Libra and the tarot symbol for Justice depict a woman holding scales. Physical efforts may help when applied to a situation, to an extent that it helps to create balance and equality. Yet when physical actions are too drastic, the scales can be tipped, and harm may be caused. Justice is the act of holding Guardianship over this balance, ensuring equality and safety for all involved. This is one of the highest callings of a true Warrior.

Warrior - Perfect Balance
Root Chakra

In indian Vedic lore, the color red, which is the core harmonic of the Warrior, corresponds to the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine or the perineum. As one might expect, this Chakra is an energetic vortex which feeds every aspect of our physical experience, and a strong Root increases our vitality and strength.

The Warrior aspect within you represents your will to survive and thrive. The Root Chakra generates the base power that flows up the spine through all of the other Chakras. While Warriors may seem basic and animalistic to more mentally focused archetypes, developing Warrior qualities is incredibly important to living a flourishing, enjoyable life.

A great Warrior is a Master of the Physical Universe. They have a keen awareness of health and vitality, a strong work ethic, a practical mind, and a will to ensure their own survival and success while on the Earth.

Warriors are present and live in the moment. If you are afraid to really BE HERE NOW, the Root Chakra will be smaller, and less energy will rise up your spine and be available to all your senses and organ systems. Consider that the Root Chakra is a spiritual power generator, where Kundalini originates in the body, a major aspect of our life force energy. A greatly diminished or blocked flow of Kundalini can result in limitations to sensory awareness, intellectual capacity, social skills, and communication skills. In general, a blocked Root Chakra can drastically affect your health and physical well-being.

We can only hold as much information as we can hold energy, and our Root Chakra helps us bring in new energy, and anchor our energy in the Earth. When we are grounded, we are more warm and available to others. Strengthening our Root awakens our inner source of power, enhancing our confidence, and increasing our freedom. Great speakers also use their “anchor” through Warrior stances and Root activating practices to channel energy to though their voice, giving them zip, zing, and projection.  Developing the essence of the Warrior within you can build an energetic foundation for the rest of your life.

Root Chakra Tree by Catherine G McElroy
Nature is Essential to Physical Mastery
The Root Chakra is often primarily masculine in its expression; it is fundamentally connected with taking action in the physical world. When thinking about the strength of your Root Chakra, ask yourself if you are taking the necessary actions that you want to in your life. Through developing a positive, proactive approach to life, the Warrior cultivates an ability to act when and where necessary to produce the best outcome possible.

The Root Chakra is charged by the energy of the Earth, and it is the joy of being physically embodied, able to move, run, dance and experience the physical world and nature that brings it to life. In our society at large, the health of this Chakra is weakened, as people are forced out of the body and into their thinking minds from an early age in school. Hours in front of our computers and phones also bring us into our heads and out of our body. How many of us get a chance to really master our physical bodies if we are not professional athletes?

In addition, this Chakra is further weakened during times of economic depression when people feel unable to support themselves. Therefore, this is a very important aspect of ourselves to cultivate. You must physically exercise and you must move out of survival consciousness if you are going to flourish on planet Earth. Build on a strong foundation. People with strong Root Chakras have a higher degree of personal power… Through the Guardian Alliance trainings, we can help you develop and use this power wisely as a Warrior.

Great Warriors can be found in abundance in our world, though many of them may not know how to apply their gifts in a way that may benefit all Life on Earth. Our favorite athletes could be considered Warriors, as can members of our armed services, as well as great martial artists. These individuals flourish with their grounded power and pragmatic approach to physical mastery.


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