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Epilogue: The Vision

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R0 - Introduction

The year is 2030.

A Guardian flight-crew is on their way to a United Nations Summit to discuss human rights issues, bearing a new constitution and declaration of the inherent rights of all life. The participation of Guardians in recent natural disaster and conflict areas has brought them recognition as International Ambassadors, representing a global Alliance not associated with any nation-state. Their petition for police reform in the US was hugely successful, with new training programs being implemented across the country after public opinion on many urban departments reached an all time low.

The sudden reduction of conflict and crime in cities around the world was covered by News media as “mysterious” at first, but countless stories featuring the so-called Guardians began to go viral, and it became clear that something larger was happening within communities around the world. It appeared that mere presence of Guardians within schools, colleges, and workplaces had started to subtly change the social dynamics, as conflicts were greatly reduced by the consistent support of physically capable mediators.

Something similar had already occurred at festivals, clubs, and event venues around the world, where even highly intense situations in which law enforcement were called in to intervene were already resolved by the time the police arrived.

Guardians have showed up in other recent headlines, as the explosion of successful businesses run by these humble leaders literally shifted the economic dynamics of the corporate world. These businesses incorporate cryptocurrency models which make their monetary exchange completely untraceable and frictionless, allowing instantaneous distribution and transfer of trillions of dollars. They also use open-governance, open-source, and open-architecture models with agile processes to stay far more flexible and adaptable than the behemoth corporate strongholds of the early 21st century.

In the sciences, many of these Guardians have shown up presenting successful experimental models incorporating the Aether, one of the “lost” fundamental aspects of physical theory, apparently touted by Einstein to be necessary for his General Relativity to work. Their new Aether models describe the exact properties of quantum vacuum fluctuations, and how they can be applied to a series of advanced new technologies now fully in development. Some of the new energy and gravitational systems have already penetrated the market, and are being utilized in Tesla Motors Model Y, the first personal hovering electric vehicle that never needs to be recharged. Word of a Model AA has already gone viral on the internet, which supposedly has interstellar transport capabilities.

Many hospitals are also undergoing reform. After a few tactical media blitzes by Guardians and their Hollywood supporters, hospitals have been forced to disengage their franchises with pharmaceutical companies, and begin implementing many of the proven holistic healing techniques that have nearly eradicated cancer, and are systematically identifying the root causes of nearly every disease on the planet. The so-called “New Age” healing methods of the early 21st century finally gave way to highly effective systems that incorporate complete models of diagnosis and application that are now technologically verifiable.

Widespread acceptance of sexual and spiritual memes is another sign of major changes occurring at this time. What was once risque, embarrassing, or shameful is now generally accepted, and the social environment is somewhat reminiscent of a highly matured version of the US in the 1970s. Could this be related to the sudden decline of sexually transmitted diseases? How could an increase in sexuality result in a decrease of sexual disease?

It’s possible that the major environmental restoration movements may be part of the improvements in human health. Some cities are already nearly unrecognizable, as green facades are installed on skyscrapers, and trees and community gardens begin to fill every empty parking lot and many of the streets. Guardians have been seen helping to organize these efforts, working in tandem with local departments and self-organizing communities.

Many of these changes have happened so suddenly, it’s very exciting to see what the next 5-10 years may bring. There has been rumor of the development of a Starfleet Academy, a branch of the Guardian Alliance already in training to help the world adjust to becoming an interstellar species, one among many other species, who as we discovered recently, already populate the Galaxy…

Where will the Guardian Alliance go from here?


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