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The Trailhead

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in R0 - Introduction

This adventure has only just begun. The Gates of the Guardian Alliance are materializing, and the Keys to access the secrets within each aspect of ourselves are becoming available.

In the Gatehouse you will be able to view the Library of Keys which can open the Gates of Ring One, and further courses. You may select Keys for the Ring One courses in any of the individual archetypes, get Keys that only open either the Yin Gates or the Yang Gates, or obtain a Master Key that unlocks the entire Ring.

The pathways you choose are up to you. We will provide support and guidance through live weekly sessions for each of the Gates you have Keys to access, and formally explore the courses within them. We will provide Q&A sessions, as well as occasional breakout sessions where you can speak directly with other adventurers in the Guardian Alliance.

Check the Gatehouse for information on the dates Keys become available. Ring One Keys will only be available during certain time windows, and once the Keys for Ring One are distributed, they will be much more valuable and challenging to obtain.

Security Sentinel

This is the Security Sentinel of the Guardian Alliance Academy. It will activate upon any breach of the Guardian Principles. Messaging the Sentinel directly will not result in a response.