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Interconnected Earth

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Never before has the human species been so connected to each other. The instant spread of ideas is now possible, a dream for countless centuries now realized. This has enabled us to connect through this online course, has brought new knowledge across the world to people who otherwise would never have it, and has allowed us to more fully realize that we are a global family. This technology promises to continue to spread as more and more people are able to get online. We now take this for granted, but this is truly a revolution that has changed the way everything operates — the information of our entire civilization is at our fingertips.

There are some threats to this amazing technology. Many profit driven companies and government regulatory agencies have continued to attempt to tightly regulate the internet, because they are seeking to control the possibility of revolutionary movements using the internet to gain strength, or in cases like WikiLeaks, undermine their authority. Private industry also has been attempting to force the creation of ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ lanes for those who can afford it, but fortunately they have been unsuccessful. 1
Stop Internet Censorship - the Stop SOPA Campaign

Yet at the same time, “Djedi” around the world have been working on an entirely new infrastructure for the web, one that is centered on principles of sovereignty, security, and freedom. The Enlightened Structure projects of Adam Apollo & Harlan T Wood, part of the team behind the Guardian Alliance, are focused on development of this new web architecture, beginning with addressing the roots of how all information is innately holographically interconnected. They are also working with others on amazing new immersive interfaces (that will be coming to the Guardian Alliance in time), such as the Core Network, NooMap, uMeOs, and others.

Here’s a short intro on the Core Network that covers some of the main ideas behind this new kind of interoperable fractal architecture:

While there are many people out in the world working to keep the internet free and open, it is not just the projects that count, but the alliances formed between them. Together, we can make a much larger impact. Ambassadors are needed for outreach and interconnecting, and Wizards are needed to help shape the future of our information technology.

Security Sentinel

This is the Security Sentinel of the Guardian Alliance Academy. It will activate upon any breach of the Guardian Principles. Messaging the Sentinel directly will not result in a response.