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The Death of Dogmas

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We are growing up, morally and ethically, as a human race. Consider that just 50 years ago, Americans were still being segregated by race, based on the notion that white skinned people were superior to those with black skin (or any darker color for that matter). Now, through time, sharing of culture, and understanding, these walls have come down. Now not only have the worst of these culturally consuming stereotypes been broken down, but we have continued to expand our definitions of equality and human rights to extend to all people, and in certain cases, all life on Earth.

While even until the end of the 20th century, the widespread persecution of homosexuals was commonplace, this too is changing. Popular attitudes that discriminate against gays are breaking down in recent years.1 Public opinion has certainly moved more quickly than public policy. It was only in 2003 that the government finally repealed a law that banned any teaching of “the acceptability of homosexuality”.

In 2010 the government passed the Equality Act, which bans discrimination of all kinds. In other nations, these attitudes are also taking root, where discrimination based on race, class, or gender are being decried as unjust. The flowering of humanitarian values is happening.

  1. Homophobia: It’s Getting Better

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