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Sustainable Technology

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It is clear that old economies built on petroleum are dirty, inefficient, and costly to our planet. Adoption of Solar, Wind, Electric Power are already in full swing across the planet. Energy from renewable resources—wind, water, the sun, biomass and geothermal energy—is inexhaustible and clean. Renewable energy currently constitutes 15% of the global energy mix. Countries like Germany have actually taken steps to convert their entire economy to run on zero carbon energy within 40 years. This sweeping reform is not the work of the state or of powerful companies, but is driven by the general population at large.1

While some environmental problems remain with wind (impact on birds), solar (land use and materials), hydroelectric (artificial dams), and other renewable sources, new solutions are emerging in all these areas. As transitional energy sources, harnessing natural forces can help reduce or eliminate oil dependency. This trend of growing renewable energy is set to continue growing rapidly as industrialized countries like India and China seek to curb the massive damage occurring to the environment and find alternatives to oil. In fact, investment in renewable energy is now bigger than oil and natural gas!2

Even beyond these developments in using renewable resources, there is a large amount of research currently being conducted in the area of cold fusion, and harnessing quantum vacuum fluctuations. These two areas of research are very hot right now, and there have already been breakthroughs.3,4 Though there are still many critical skeptics 5, it’s clear that momentum in this area will continue to grow.

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