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What is the Secret to Martial Arts Mastery?

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Landing, Warrior

Whether you are an avid Martial Arts practitioner, or a Warrior at Heart who loves to train, practice, and strengthen your body, you know that there is something almost magical that seems to separate Olympians and enthusiasts. The skills of great Master Martial Artists appear almost superhuman.

How did they develop those abilities?

LIVE Webinar: The Heart of Conflict Resolution

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, LIVE Sessions, Warrior

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Video: Guardians Rise Up – Ep.2

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in Ambassador, Blog

In the last century, the mythos of the Superhero has come to the forefront of global mass awareness. It signifies a great shift in the collective human consciousness, as the incredible and innately-human ability to shape the very fabric of reality is becoming an everyday philosophy.

One of the most important realities that these archetypes convey is that we can – at any moment – tell a new story, and manifest new myths and visions of how we live and create in this world.

Audio: Rising in Love

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in Blog, Healer

Let go and ride the waves of some of the sexiest downtempo, chillstep, future-garage, and soul inspiring tracks of the last year. This set is a love-symphony for transformation, honoring the sometimes slow, sometimes fast, always moving energy of change that drives evolution in our lives.

All made flesh will turn to dust. Yet to lose the object of a thing is not to lose anything. The essence of all things lives on, information preserved, consciousness intact. Let go of everything. Dust forms stars. You will keep shining, regardless of what may come, and what may go.

Keep shining, and rising, in Love.

Aloha Ke Akua
Adam Apollo