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Quantum Geometry

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog

Join Adam Apollo in the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics at the Quantum Geometry elective course.

In this course, we explore the geometry of spacetime, and the fundamental permutations of the quantum plenum (or Aether) which give rise to all known forces and types of mass-energy. The principles which govern these geometric arrangements are explored in depth, and shown to extend from the structure of the proton, to atomic nuclei, molecular arrangements, and all the way to macrocosmic scales and objects.

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Each lesson includes written material, recorded video lessons & Q&A sessions

Lesson 1 – Revisiting Quantum Gravity

  • Topic 1:  Spacetime Tensegrity
  • Topic 2: Quantum Chromodynamics
  • Topic 3: The Standard Model & Loop Quantum Gravity
  • Topic 4: The Vacuum Energy & Catastrophic Renormalization
  • Topic 5: The Quantum Tensegrity of the Vacuum

Lesson 2: The Geometry of Spacetime

  • Topic 1: The Tetrahedral Vector Equilibrium
  • Topic 2: Spacetime Curvature & Gravitation
  • Topic 3: Planck Spherical Units (PSU) & The Schwarzschild Condition
  • Topic 4: Radiation and Spin
  • Topic 5: The Unified Physics of Light

Lesson 3: The Geometry of the Proton

  • Topic 1: The Twelve Vector Vortices
  • Topic 2: The Singularity Core
  • Topic 3: Proton Spin
  • Topic 4: The Electron Field

Lesson 4: Atomic Nuclei & Molecular Geometries

  • Topic 1: Protons in Atomic Nuclei
  • Topic 2: Nuclear Geometry & The Elements
  • Topic 3: Molecular Geometries

Lesson 5: The Unified Physics of Spacetime

  • Topic 1: Entropy & Syntropy
  • Topic 2: Penta
  • Topic 3: Hexa
  • Topic 4: Hepta
  • Topic 5: Entanglement
  • Topic 6: Geometry & Consciousness
  • Topic 7: The Unified Harmonic Matrix

Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
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