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How your Deepest Flaws contain your Greatest Gifts

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Healer, Landing

At the heart of our Shadows, there is a Spark. Deep beneath the challenge, the trauma, the pain, and the suffering, there is a Light of Purpose. When we allow this light to Emanate through the Acceptance of everything we have experienced in the Past, we illuminate our Future. This is the Art of Healing.Adam Apollo

They say that “life is not easy.” At the same time, they say “what you believe is what you get.” Yet even when we hold the belief, “life is easy,” and chant this mantra every day, challenges still come to us… Why?

Life is a dynamic.

We are not alone in it. Every person we encounter plays out part of the alchemy of life. Many of the New Age memes tout that if you simply hold something in your mind, and believe in it enough, it will manifest. Yet, haven’t we all obsessed over something in our minds and never found it present in our lives? Why?

Challenges inside ourselves mirror those in others...

We are making agreements.

Every person we encounter becomes part of our life dynamic. In every conversation, we are making agreements about things. While one part of us may be chanting about how we want a new car or a new house, while other people are telling us how hard it is to get a house or make significant amounts of money. If we agree with them, even for social propriety, we are creating a subconscious program that may sabotage our efforts through an internal conflict of belief.

How do we overcome these programs in ourselves, while also supporting others in their challenges?

See yourself first, and transform your own reflection...

Here’s the Secret:

The dynamic of life flows both ways… If we can face our own doubts, and resolve our fears from previous experiences, we can begin to bring our visions (those things we want to manifest in our lives) into our emotional awareness. We can begin to have confidence and trust in our own guidance system. We can disagree with others easily and gracefully, and offer them insights from our own internal sense of strength and confidence.

From this emotional awareness, we begin acting differently. We move with intention and focus, as we feel our visions coming into reality. Our actions then anchor those visions and feelings into REAL experiences. That’s when we get the house, the car, the relationship, the health, the wealth, and the deep spiritual magic we are looking for all the time.

And then:

You begin to radiate this way of living out to others. Your deepest challenges have forged your intention, your wisdom, your focus, and your mission, and these are some of your Greatest Gifts. You have transformed your Shadows into Divine Talents.Adam Apollo
Radiate your Transformation to Others

This is the Art of Healing.

The path of the Healer requires us to face our own deepest fears and “flaws,” and through accepting them and transforming them inside ourselves, we turn them into the most powerful Gifts we can give to others. We offer our own Healing to others, and we change lives!

This is not a journey for the feint of Heart.

Becoming a Healer, of yourself, and the world, takes commitment, practice, and the willingness to face the fires of transformation and give birth to a new, healthy, and abundant forest of life!

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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
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