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D’Jedi Training Intensive: Redwoods Retreat

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Healer

Embark on a transformative journey amidst the ancient and majestic Redwood forests near Santa Cruz… Join us for an immersive retreat where you will delve deep into the realms of advanced D’Jedi Training and discover the untapped power within yourself. Prepare to awaken your true potential and unleash the extraordinary abilities that lie dormant within you.

D'Jedi Training Intensive

October 27th – 29th 2023

Fern River Resort, Santa Cruz California
Co-Hosted by Conscious Beings

Stay in a beautiful cabin along the river in the heart of the redwood forests, and find yourself immersed in the power and majesty of the ancient groves and ferns. Experience a direct immersion in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual training of the true D’Jedi through integrative practices. Learn how to apply advanced energetic techniques in the heart of play, in the middle of a dance party, through refined movement, and discover Elven magick… While some parts of this weekend intensive will involve indoor seated study for focus, most of this weekend will be immersed in nature and require physical action and participation. It’s time to turn on the Body Starship.

Explore the following topics during the weekend:

Study of the Human Energy Body (Chi, Qi, Prana):

Delve into the profound exploration of the human energy body, unlocking the secrets of life force energy and learning to harness and manipulate it to enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Mysteries of Occult Magick:

Unveil the mysteries of occult magick and ancient mystical practices, gaining insights into esoteric knowledge and tapping into the hidden powers of the universe to manifest your desires and shape your reality.

Warding and Spiritual Protection:

Learn powerful techniques for warding, establishing clarity around what you are calling in, and protecting your energetic space. Strengthen your spiritual resilience and safeguard yourself from unwanted collective noise.

Wisdom Traditions from Indigenous Peoples:

Explore the profound wisdom of indigenous cultures from around the world, drawing from their rich traditions and ancient knowledge to deepen your understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings and foster harmony within yourself and with the natural world.

Science and Practical Applications of Astral Travel and Remote Viewing:

Learn to transcend the limitations of the physical realm as you delve into the science behind astral travel and remote viewing. Develop your ability to explore different dimensions, access higher states of consciousness, and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Power of Sexual Healing and Integration:

Discover the transformative power of sexual healing and integration, exploring the sacred union of sexuality and spirituality. Tap into this profound energy source for personal growth, healing, and expanded consciousness.

Sensing and Feeling Energy:

Develop your ability to sense and feel energy through heightened awareness and higher sensory perception. Discover how to tap into the subtle vibrations of the universe, enabling you to navigate life with greater intuition and insight.

Sacred Geometry and Manifestation:

Dive into the fascinating realm of sacred geometry and manifestation, exploring the hidden patterns that shape our reality. Learn to harness these universal principles to manifest your intentions and co-create your desired outcomes.

Holistic Healing and Conflict Resolution:

Acquire the tools and techniques of holistic healing and conflict resolution, fostering harmony and balance in your relationships and personal life. Learn to navigate challenges with compassion and transform conflicts into opportunities for growth.

Secret Power of Money Magic:

Unlock Abundance and Prosperity. Discover the cosmic principles that govern the flow of abundance in the universe. Learn to harmonize your energy with the abundance frequency, allowing wealth and prosperity to flow effortlessly into your life.

Contact with Galactic Species:

Expand your awareness and open yourself to the limitless possibilities of contact with galactic species throughout the galaxy. Gain insights into the potential for interstellar communication and explore the wonders of the cosmos.

Martial Arts and Movement Theory:

Immerse yourself in the art of martial arts and movement theory, developing physical strength, discipline, and self-awareness. Unleash your inner warrior and learn to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit through intentional movement.

Includes Dance Party with Admiral Apollo

Guardian Alliance Founder & Faculty Adam Apollo is also known as Admiral Apollo (and previously Agent Adam Apollo, Commander Apollo, DJ AApollo, etc) who has performed as a headliner at massive events, festivals, and conferences as a professional DJ for over 23 years.

Weaving beautiful compilations of tracks across genres of Future Bass, Trap, R&B, Chillstep, Downtempo, DubStep, Progressive Trance/Breaks, and Drum & Bass, he aligns the energy of sound to the vibration of space to enhance the existing environment, or shifts it through transformations and transmutations to greater celebration, peace, harmony, and joy.



Admiral Apollo

Lodging & Food

Important! When booking you will need to secure your cabin on the Fern River Resort Cloudbeds booking site (see below) made available by Conscious Beings. Cabins vary in pricing and you can select one based on your preferences, space needs, etc.

Also select whether you want Full Service Catering over the weekend, or if you would prefer to bring all your own food, by using the selector box near the “Get Access Key” registration purchase button.

A few glimpses at Fern River Resort:

What are you waiting for? Register now and choose your level of contribution. We work hard to keep prices as low as possible to support those in need of financial assistance, so if you can donate more, please do.

First Book Your Lodging:

Click to open a new tab to select your cabin and secure your beautiful lodging for the weekend. Make sure that October 27th-29th is selected as your date range.

Select your Cabin

Redwoods Retreat Registration

From: $333.00

In this enchanted Redwood Forest Retreat near Santa Cruz, deep dive into the secret wisdom within you, and realize your untapped potential. Explore the study of human energy, unlock the secrets of occult magick, discover ancient wisdom traditions, delve into astral travel and galactic contact, harness the power of sexual healing, master martial arts, and more on an immersive journey into advanced D’Jedi Training. In the tranquil embrace of nature, discover your true potential and transform your life. Spaces are limited, so register your spot immediately and embark on a life-changing experience. Unleash your inner D’Jedi now.


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Additional information

Catering Options

No Catering (bringing own food), Full Service Catering All Weekend

Final Logistics:

Plan to arrive by 5pm PT on Friday for an exciting evening of arrivals, where catered attendees will be served dinner, groundwork for the weekend experiences will be laid out, and epic stories will begin… We will engage in a full day Saturday and Sunday, but attendees will have some free time in the morning to relax and explore the grounds after breakfast. Adventures will go into the evening, and may go late into the night. Plan to stay through Sunday night and depart on Monday morning the 30th. If enough people request it, we may coordinate ride-shares.

Saturday night we will have a Dance Party where you will be invited to dress in your Samhain (All Hallows Eve / Halloween) Best… Costumes and embodiments of your Super Hero Self are highly  recommended. Imagine you’re attending a secret private gathering with Galactic Ambassadors from other worlds and you want to embody the most advanced, well practiced Jedi-of-a-human you possibly can, but with your own style, flair, colors, tools, and magic… This costume party will be used as a part of the Training, so make sure your plan accordingly! 

Tell us what topics you’re most interested in exploring!

We’ll customize the schedule around group preferences. Let us know if you’re excited to come, and leave a comment below:

LIVE: EFT Level 1 with Sonya Sophia

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Emotional Freedom Techniques: EFT Level 1

Opening Session

Event Details

In this LIVE Session, the Guardian Alliance is honored to introduce Sonya Sophia, founder of the World Tapping Circle and the Sonya Sophia School of Living Arts. Today we will introduce her introductory course on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and discuss the power of EFT, and Sonya's work around the world.

Her 3.5 hour online course helps you understand the science behind how Tapping works in your body.  It's a bite-sized, interactive course, which includes healthy doses of Tapping time with Sonya, who has 28 years experience in the Healing Arts & 11 years of experience teaching EFT.

Get your Access Key now and join the adventure!


Circle Up!

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We invite you to join the World Tapping Circle, partners of the Guardian Alliance, in exploring deep and profound healing through the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Tapping!

VIDEO: World Tapping Circle ~ Member Testimonials

WTC logo w:text

Activate your ❤️ FREE MONTH ❤️of Tapping!

(HINT: This is the moment you opt-in for the

L O V E   S T R E A M)

Activate your Pillar of Light

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Healer

This is a free excerpt from the Healer Opening course.

When life is challenging and we struggle with physical, emotional or mental difficulties Healers are those who feel a deep current of purpose to provide aid and assistance. Healers help to restore and strengthen each person they work with so that they might return to or reach their state of highest potential.

Activating your Lightbody is an Ancient Practice in Taoism & Tantra

In Ancient times this practice was only passed down through a direct lineage, from Teacher to Disciple. This is a powerful standing meditation to fuse your energy with the inner power of Earth and Heaven, to cleanse the self, and create a sacred healing space from which to practice. David Beaudry learned this practice from Grand Master Jerry Alan Johnson during his medical qigong training.

The original practice is called:

“The 1-10 Meditation and 3 Invocations.”

The first invocation is to cleanse the ego. The second invocation is to cleanse the space and create a sanctuary to heal and practice. The third invocation is to overflow your physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies with Universal Energy, and the Presence of God (Infinite Eternal).

David Beaudry will guide you through the entire process, but know that it is your heart and sincerity that activates the true potential of this practice. So if you don’t resonate with the languaging of the 3 invocations, please make it your own by using words that have meaning to your heart and soul.

I use this practice before I do all healing work or meditation. I also utilize it if I feel the need to cleanse a space and/or cleanse my personal energy of outside disturbance.David Beaudry

If you commit to Practice this Meditation for at least 40 days you will fully feel your connection with the Divine in your body, more than ever before, and consistently. This standing meditation takes about 15-20 minutes, and after regular practice you will be able to do it in 1-2 minutes. If you are having trouble dropping into the meditation while standing, start with a seated practice. As you listen to the meditation allow your body to make any subtle movements or shifts that naturally arise. Be completely relaxed with a soft focus and know that you don’t have to DO anything.

Once you have listened to the meditation and can fully feel each code of activation in your body you can advance to further standing versions.

In this video David uses hand seals, which you will learn more about in Mastery Ring Two, an advanced series of courses in the Guardian Alliance. This can be a distraction in the beginning so for now simply allow your body to move naturally to fully feel each activation.

Join the Healer Opening

Awakening the Healer: David’s Story

Use your Heart as your guide

It was a Tuesday night of my senior year of college football, the first day of full practice after I scored the game-winning touchdown the weekend before. I felt overly confident and proud that night, like I was special somehow for my athleticism. During a tackling drill I juked left, then spun right and in that moment felt my cleat stick into the thick grass on the side of the practice field. I heard a pop in my right knee and fell to the ground in agony. I was in agony not only because it was extremely painful (it was), but because the countless hours of hard work that I had spent to prepare for my senior year began flashing through my mind. The thought of this being the last time I ever played football broke my heart. It felt unfair. I was angry, bitter and sad and I fell into a dark depression. All of my dreams and visions crushed in a moment. I knew it was a bad injury, but little did I realize that my soul had written this story into existence just a couple weeks prior.

David Beaudry - Football Player

My favorite professor Fran Grace asked us to write a paper about our first spiritual experience, so I wrote about spirituality through football. At the end of my paper I said to God, “I am excited to see what my next passion in life will be once I am done playing football.” I even wrote a poem about my passion for God and Awakening and handed that in along with my paper.

Then the world that I knew crumbled. My injury brought me through a “dark night of the soul.” I asked for this and God responded faster than I expected. It wasn’t until years later that could see my knee injury as a blessing in disguise.

I had torn the ACL in my right knee and was given a “medical red shirt”, meaning I could return to play one more season the following year. In the midst of the tragedy and pain this felt like a ray of hope in the dark. I took my time to rehab, meditate, pray and regain my strength to become clear on my purpose before rushing back. My dream was to become a professional football player, and all of the logical signs were pointing to returning for another year. I asked for divine guidance and I prayed with all my heart. “Please give me a sign and let me know if football is still a part of my path or if it’s time to let it go.” Soon it became crystal clear: I had learned all the life lessons I could from football and it was time to move on.

I followed my heart and instead of playing my final year I took a leap into the unknown. I spent a semester abroad, studying psychology in Vienna, Austria. I was looking for my next spiritual awakening and I trusted that my heart would be able to see and recognize it. My eyes opened to the possibilities of a new life and my consciousness was expanded more than I could have ever imagined. I now look back on this challenging time with tremendous gratitude. I can see how each person and event in my life has played a crucial and pivotal role in my divine unfolding.

You are Stronger than you Think

My path transformed from the way of the Warrior to the way of the Healer.

I have since been teaching, leading workshops and personally training people for the last ten years on the healing power of movement, breath, qigong, and nutrition.

If you are having trouble making a tough life choice, if you feel like life just dealt you a bad card, reframe it.

This is Your Challenge

Reconnect deeply to your soul and ask for guidance instead of being a victim and blaming life or someone else. Ask and you shall receive. It might not appear the way you think it will or should, but know that there are resources, people, teachers and loving guides waiting just on the other side to help you. All you have to do is ask and be ready to listen so you can take action when the signs come.In the Guardian Alliance, we created a space called the Healer’s Temple, where healers from around the world gather together to share stories, insights, and healing experiences with each other. It’s open to all attendees of the Healer Opening course.
Ask for Guidance

Journal: Write your story

Take time to reflect on your life.

Intuition is the Key
What has your path of healing been? What events stick out that made you who you are today? What blessings in disguise are ready to be fully awakened and integrated? Take time to free flow and write your heart out. If you are unsure of what your deepest gifts to give are, you will find it in your story. It is the thread of your direct experiences that gives you the transmissive power to share your gifts and hold space for others’ healing.

Accept all that you are now as enough and trust the teachers, masters, and courses will come in perfect timing as you align with your soul calling. You don’t become a healer, you merely become a more open vessel and container for which Spirit/God/Universal Energy to flow through.

Ready for more transformational Healing practices?

Join the Healer Opening

How your Deepest Flaws contain your Greatest Gifts

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At the heart of our Shadows, there is a Spark. Deep beneath the challenge, the trauma, the pain, and the suffering, there is a Light of Purpose. When we allow this light to Emanate through the Acceptance of everything we have experienced in the Past, we illuminate our Future. This is the Art of Healing.Adam Apollo

They say that “life is not easy.” At the same time, they say “what you believe is what you get.” Yet even when we hold the belief, “life is easy,” and chant this mantra every day, challenges still come to us… Why?

Healer Opening: Interpersonal Mastery

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in Healer, Landing

Do you have a deep love for others, even people you don’t know? Do you have a strong connection to nature? Have you been told you have a healing touch or presence? When someone is in need of help, do you leap to respond?

You may already be a great Healer.

Each of us has a bit of the Healer archetype within us. It emerges in moments of compassion, when we put aside our personal needs and desires to show up and assist others, and it also develops within us when we begin to care for ourselves with a similar level of compassion and kindness. The Healer develops Interpersonal Mastery through feeling and understanding the relationship between their self and others, and between each individual and the Universe.

When life is challenging, and we struggle with physical, emotional or mental difficulties, Healers are those who feel the deep current of purpose to provide aid, helping to restore and strengthen each person they work with so that they might return to or reach their state of highest potential.

In the Guardian Alliance, Healer courses open and awaken us to the deeper dynamics of energy in ourselves and others. They tap us into the Core archetype of service to the collective, and the power of Love.

At the most fundamental level, Healers practice imbuing physical life with the radiance of joy, love, unity, and kinship. The strength of development in this practice is based on two pillars: Self-Love and Trust. When we trust in life’s goodness we are able to keep our heart open and available to receiving love in all its forms. We trust that life will provide. When we have self-love and acceptance we have no need for external validation or approval, and we can share this love with all beings.

Whether you are called to do personal healing with others, are working on healing and empowering yourself, or are committed to healing the World, the Healer courses will strengthen your Path and ignite your inner Heart.

The Heart is the central Navigator for all the flows of our Human Energy Body’s expression of life-force, called Chi, Qi, or Prana, among many other names. This Life-Force Energy or Bioenergy is the secret behind all great Relationships and Healing, Ideas and Innovations, Social and Sexual Arts, Martial Arts, Yogic Practices, Tantra, and much more.

The Guardian Alliance Mastery Series covers applications in all these areas and more.

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Open your Heart, and receive every Gift the Universe has to offer you…now. 


Ring One – Healer Special


This Access Key unlocks the Healer courses in Ring One.

The Healer courses focus on development of Interpersonal Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to develop your healing abilities and create a more powerful state of coherence in yourself, which can be applied in all areas of your life.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • The heart and art of healing.
  • The keys to accessing coherence in every relationship or interaction.
  • Techniques for awakening powerful healing abilities.
  • Tools and practices of the healer.

 Complete Course Path

Preview of the Healer Course Path

 Visual Preview

Preview of the Healer Course Path


“WOW, I absolutely loved the Dao Yin Stretches and breath exercises. I’ve been M.I.A for two weeks from Guardian Alliance and the last 3 days have been hectic. My body was hurting, my brain was feeling mushy, my energy levels were down…and then I did the exercises. I feel like a just drank a Red Bull. I heard my body crack as I was stretching…I SO needed this!! THANK YOU! Also, awesome ending to the Healer Module with the suggested routine and videos! GRATITUDE and LIGHT!”


“Hello Guardians! Greetings to you :). During the live healing session I did feel the light, energy and I had shivers in my whole body. And I want to thank you as it seems that you helped me to cure my dad. My dad eats scientifically proven micronutrients and they need at least one month so that there is a visible improvement in health. As a matter of fact he has taken them for about a month now but I think it’s not only that. OUR LIVE HEALING SESSION HAD A HUGE POWER !!!! I’m fully aware of that. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <3 :).”

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Audio: Rising in Love

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in Blog, Healer

Let go and ride the waves of some of the sexiest downtempo, chillstep, future-garage, and soul inspiring tracks of the last year. This set is a love-symphony for transformation, honoring the sometimes slow, sometimes fast, always moving energy of change that drives evolution in our lives.

All made flesh will turn to dust. Yet to lose the object of a thing is not to lose anything. The essence of all things lives on, information preserved, consciousness intact. Let go of everything. Dust forms stars. You will keep shining, regardless of what may come, and what may go.

Keep shining, and rising, in Love.

Aloha Ke Akua
Adam Apollo