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Healer Opening: Interpersonal Mastery

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Do you have a deep love for others, even people you don’t know? Do you have a strong connection to nature? Have you been told you have a healing touch or presence? When someone is in need of help, do you leap to respond?

You may already be a great Healer.

Each of us has a bit of the Healer archetype within us. It emerges in moments of compassion, when we put aside our personal needs and desires to show up and assist others, and it also develops within us when we begin to care for ourselves with a similar level of compassion and kindness. The Healer develops Interpersonal Mastery through feeling and understanding the relationship between their self and others, and between each individual and the Universe.

When life is challenging, and we struggle with physical, emotional or mental difficulties, Healers are those who feel the deep current of purpose to provide aid, helping to restore and strengthen each person they work with so that they might return to or reach their state of highest potential.

In the Guardian Alliance, Healer courses open and awaken us to the deeper dynamics of energy in ourselves and others. They tap us into the Core archetype of service to the collective, and the power of Love.

At the most fundamental level, Healers practice imbuing physical life with the radiance of joy, love, unity, and kinship. The strength of development in this practice is based on two pillars: Self-Love and Trust. When we trust in life’s goodness we are able to keep our heart open and available to receiving love in all its forms. We trust that life will provide. When we have self-love and acceptance we have no need for external validation or approval, and we can share this love with all beings.

Whether you are called to do personal healing with others, are working on healing and empowering yourself, or are committed to healing the World, the Healer courses will strengthen your Path and ignite your inner Heart.

The Heart is the central Navigator for all the flows of our Human Energy Body’s expression of life-force, called Chi, Qi, or Prana, among many other names. This Life-Force Energy or Bioenergy is the secret behind all great Relationships and Healing, Ideas and Innovations, Social and Sexual Arts, Martial Arts, Yogic Practices, Tantra, and much more.

The Guardian Alliance Mastery Series covers applications in all these areas and more.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • The heart and art of healing.
  • The keys to accessing coherence in every relationship or interaction.
  • Techniques for awakening powerful healing abilities.
  • Tools and practices of the healer.

 Complete Course Path

Preview of the Healer Course Path

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Preview of the Healer Course Path


“WOW, I absolutely loved the Dao Yin Stretches and breath exercises. I’ve been M.I.A for two weeks from Guardian Alliance and the last 3 days have been hectic. My body was hurting, my brain was feeling mushy, my energy levels were down…and then I did the exercises. I feel like a just drank a Red Bull. I heard my body crack as I was stretching…I SO needed this!! THANK YOU! Also, awesome ending to the Healer Module with the suggested routine and videos! GRATITUDE and LIGHT!”


“Hello Guardians! Greetings to you :). During the live healing session I did feel the light, energy and I had shivers in my whole body. And I want to thank you as it seems that you helped me to cure my dad. My dad eats scientifically proven micronutrients and they need at least one month so that there is a visible improvement in health. As a matter of fact he has taken them for about a month now but I think it’s not only that. OUR LIVE HEALING SESSION HAD A HUGE POWER !!!! I’m fully aware of that. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <3 :).”

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