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LIVE: Intro to Ecstatic Awakening Meditation

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, LIVE Sessions, Weaver

Interview with Kriyanna Feyalove

In this free public LIVE Session, Adam Apollo interviews Kriyanna Feyalove, launching the new Mastery Ring Two course: Ecstatic Awakening Meditation. Ready to open yourself to ecstatic bliss this season of Love?

Ecstatic Awakening Meditation is a meditation and breathwork practice that activates kundalini energy. Kundalini activation increases our intelligence, creativity, and receptivity. It heals past trauma and supports a healthy state of being. It helps us move beyond our cravings and personal desires to tap into our greatest capabilities. It integrates the lower self (our creature aspect) with the higher self (our spiritual aspect), greatly enhancing our personal power and ability. With this practice, we become able to perform miracles by activating our etheric energy body. Kriyanna Feyalove

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The Dragon Awakens – Trance for Superheroes

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This 2 hour mix brings together my absolute favorite progressive and uplifting Trance tracks over the past couple years, and weaves them into a journey meant to open your Heart and inspire your Soul.

May these sounds penetrate your being with an infusion of Epic Lifeforce, propelling you forward in the creation and manifestation of your visions, dreams, and actions. May this moment transform your life, and the world.

Dedicated to the adventurers of the Guardian Alliance…

Download the Full Size Cover Art

Download the full size cover art by Gugu Troll, remixed by Adam Apollo

The Four Key Mindsets for Social Success

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Weaver

This is a free excerpt from the Weaver Unfolding course.

People who have no reference experiences for success in a new area often have a hard time stepping into their confidence. There are entire industries that have sprung up simply around developing confidence, from personal coaching, to self help books, to beauty products, all intend to make an individual feel better about themselves. The ironic truth is, that confidence has very little to do with anything external.

The Root word of confidence is ‘to confide’. What does it mean to confide? To confide in someone is to be fully honest, open with, and trusting in. Confidence is your ability to confide in yourself and the world; it is an extension of trust that who and what you are is inherently good. Confidence actually springs out of a deep rapport you build with yourself.

Confidence is a state of mind in which you cease declaring your own unworthiness and begin accepting EXACTLY who and what you are-including your perceived limitations! Confidence begins the moment you become comfortable with everything you might potentially lack and still decide that you are ok.


  • Business people who are confident are not afraid of failure, even though it may occur
  • People seeking a lover are confident because they are not afraid of rejection
  • People who are confident in their relationships are confident because they are not afraid of being hurt.

Confidence is a state of mind that grows out of radical self acceptance no matter what happens. So begin by being willing to take the view that you are fundamentally good. It is simply a state of mind that flows out of a simple truth:

I am comfortable with myself, regardless of what I might lack.

These four videos by Faculty member Alexander Fairman cover the Key Mindsets and Attitudes we need to develop this comfort, and confidence:

The following videos will explain each one, and as you watch these, ask yourself how you can apply them in your current circumstances.

#1 You create Opportunities

#2 Move Past Fear – Everyone is Afraid

#3 Celebrate your Failures

#4 Why so Serious?

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Weaver Unfolding: Emotional Mastery

Written by Security Sentinel on . Posted in Landing, Weaver

Do you love meeting people? Do you have a vast network of friends and contacts? Enjoy partying and socializing with others? Do you have a healthy sex life, or feel strongly called to help improve the sex lives of others?

You may already be a great Weaver.

Whether in relationships, networking, or through sexuality, Weavers are able to understand the language of emotion within themselves and others, and use that knowledge to be of service. We are constantly feeling the interactions of Yang and Yin, usually through a deep emotional sensitivity at first, yet this sensitivity grows into an exploratory process of developing Emotional Mastery. The alchemical dance between the masculine and feminine forces and characteristics within people is observed, and the weaver begins to weave these forces to add depth, richness, and sensuality to situations throughout their lives.

In the Guardian Alliance, Weaver courses empower us to work with our emotions more proficiently, intuiting the roots of our feelings, and improving our capacity to express them socially.

The key for the Weaver is to develop a deeper sense of boundaries, feeling and understanding the distinction between our personal emotions, and those of others. Through mastering when and how to discern these subtle qualities in each interaction, the Weaver may come to the realization that we are always connected to everything and everyone, and yet we get to determine our personal event horizon, deciding what energy we bring into our bodies, and what energies we express.

Mastering our emotions allows us to develop sexual proficiency, social comfort, connect people together, and build communities that deeply care for each other!

Emotions flow through the Human Energy Body’s expression of life-force, called Chi, Qi, or Prana, among many other names. This Life-Force Energy or Bioenergy is the secret behind all great Social and Sexual Arts, Martial Arts, Yogic Practices, Healing, Tantra, and much more.

The Guardian Alliance Mastery Series covers applications in all these areas and more.

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“…I am not even halfway through the R1 Weaver material yet, and already it has proven to be mind-blowing. The content that you’ve put together and the results/download over here on my end is BEYOND FANTASTIC. Thank you!! You are rocking it, and I appreciate your willingness to share of what you’ve learned with others, to help build them up. What you convey in speaking is immediately palpable, even kind of uncanny — I want to DO that!! — and I can’t wait to learn how to, to do that, and to build on it further as my own.”


“I just finished my Weaver healing, alchemical process. I like to call it this way because I feel rejuvenated after having a difficult time of allowing myself to detach from others opinions. Going through the experience of lying down on the street and sing out loud, helped me to claim more of myself, be more focus and grounded, fearless….So be itx3! Love & Gratitude.”


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