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How do you overcome Social and Sexual Anxiety?

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Landing, Weaver

We’ve all experienced the fear of embarrassment.

Growing up, everyone experiences some level of judgment from those that are different than them. Sometimes through bullying, this judgement becomes humiliation,  social anxiety, or sexual anxiety, and this experience is difficult to move through as we mature.


In our first sexual encounters, we may have fears of performance, of being accepted, and of either being too forward or too reserved in our feelings.

Many of us, even though we may eventually become comfortable in many social and sexual situations, still experience some significant level of anxiety or awkwardness at times.

So how do we begin to Master our Social and Sexual experiences? How can we bring greater confidence to our interactions, so that our relationships, businesses, and projects become more successful?

Understanding Confidence to beat Sexual Anxiety

When it comes to social mastery, everything goes back to confidence. Confident people seem to radiate strength and attract friends, business opportunities, and romantic partners to themselves, while unconfident people seem to be unable to break out of their own limiting set of beliefs. It seems many times as if the rich get richer and the poor stay the same, as new opportunities will be continually attracted to those who are confident.

  • How am I supposed to be confident in an arena where I have nothing to be confident about?
  • How am I supposed to go create amazing relationships when people have said I’m boring, or even worse, when I myself think I am boring!
  • How am I supposed to be confident approaching others romantically when I have never even had a working relationship that was healthy?

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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
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