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LIVE: Becoming a Planetary Ambassador

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Ambassador, Blog, LIVE Sessions

Event Details

Becoming a Planetary Ambassador

In this recorded LIVE Session, special guests Foster Gamble & Kimberly Gamble of Thrive Movement join us for an exclusive interview and discussion with your host, Adam Apollo. Creators of the movie “Thrive” which has been viewed over 35 million times, and translated in 27 languages, Foster & Kimberly are examples of the highest caliber form of global Ambassadorship.

The Dragon Awakens – Trance for Superheroes

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Weaver

This 2 hour mix brings together my absolute favorite progressive and uplifting Trance tracks over the past couple years, and weaves them into a journey meant to open your Heart and inspire your Soul.

May these sounds penetrate your being with an infusion of Epic Lifeforce, propelling you forward in the creation and manifestation of your visions, dreams, and actions. May this moment transform your life, and the world.

Dedicated to the adventurers of the Guardian Alliance…

Download the Full Size Cover Art

Download the full size cover art by Gugu Troll, remixed by Adam Apollo

Lucid Planet Radio features Guardian Alliance

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Ambassador, Blog, LIVE Sessions

The Lucid Planet with Kelly Neff covers topics from the psychology of awakening, to mystery schools in hyperspace, to manifesting financial liberation. Some of her guests have included:

Prince EA
Graham Hancock
Rick Doblin (MAPS)
Andrew (Android) Jones
and many more…

In this week’s episode, she features Adam Apollo of the Guardian Alliance. They will be discussing the creation of a global culture of real-life “Jedi” Guardians. For those of you who are members of the Guardian Alliance, this show is about you!


AAEtv – The Force – Featuring Adam Apollo

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Ambassador, Blog, LIVE Sessions

In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann Fox is joined by Adam Apollo. Adam and Ethann discuss the field of Transpersonal Psychology, and his exploration of past lives he’s collectively shared with others. Among these are his past lives in ancient times such as Atlantis from which he reveals an in depth look into Atlantean life. Adam relates his personal journey in other lifetimes that share common threads to modern day Science Fiction films such as Star Wars, and his belief that these films were inspired by unconscious remembrance on the part of the writers, of actual events that took place. Further discussions delve into the validy of “The Force” and experiments he’s done in this area, as well as his opinion about the controversy on the subject of whether the Earth is round or flat.

Here’s some useful time markers to get you started:

15:01 – Discovering the Force
21:01 – Why have we lost ancient energy technologies?
24:35 – What happened in ancient Egypt during the rise of Akenaten?
27:46 – Is the Flat Earth theory true?
35:43 – What is Transpersonal Psychology?
41:46 – Are science fiction films based on real events?
48:27 – Is it possible past-life memories are just influenced by movies?
51:18 – Was there an ancient global civilization, and what was Atlantis like?
53:00 – Details of the global renaissance during the last Ice Age.
54:07 – What happened to Atlantis?
56:30 – Adam Apollo’s past life verifications in Japan.
59:30 – What is the Island of High Brazil?
1:00:09 – Was Atlantis a physical place on Earth?
1:06:50 – Where was Atlantis?
1:10:20 – More details about Atlantis.

Making Committed Choices

Written by David Beaudry on . Posted in Blog, Wizard

Hello Dear Friends,

I am inspired to share the latest theme of the month for February which is all about Committed Choices. Below are my highlights, you can read the whole article here by Lena Stevens.

Last months theme of RESET brought with it numerous opportunities for change and change often brings choices and decisions. 

-As we enter February we encounter good influences that will take your choices and decisions and feed them with some momentum allowing for action, manifestation and flow. There are two elements that are necessary for this to happen: Commitment and discipline. Commitment to the choices and decisions you have made will ensure that you get the most out of them. It is a message to spirit that you are truly serious about what you have chosen and intended, what you desire and wish for…

Global Synchronization is in Your Hands

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Wizard

Our partners at Unify, in collaboration with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, SuperFuture Labs, and Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) are soon releasing an App that allows you to see results of your intention on random numbers, at both a local and global scale.

Called “Entangled,” this application will be the first of it’s kind to surface this data at a global scale to the public.

It has been shown that our consciousness has an effect on random number generation at a significant level. In turn, this effect seems to work on any apparently random events, whether technological or environmental. This app may allow us to see this effect directly, on a local, regional, and global level.

Check out the trailer and leave us a comment:

Full Moon Music for Inspiration and Creation

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Ambassador, Blog

Guardian Alliance faculty and founder Adam Apollo just released this music set, played live for the Asheville Full Moon Gathering during the midnight hour amidst blizzards outside. Just to get to the gathering, he had to hike over a mile in roaring winds across snow and ice. His first ride ended up sliding off the road into a ditch, awaiting AAA for a rescue. His second ride made it across the frozen landscape, and delivered him to the venue just in time to drop these beautiful beats.

Check it out here, see the tracklist and other details, or download it for free right now.

Djedhi Training Intensives in Silicon Valley

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog

Adam Apollo returns to the Bay Area for an intimate workshop series, bringing key principles of the Guardian Alliance and unreleased practices through LIVE in-person Jedi Training.

UPDATE: This workshop is almost sold out, so please register as soon as possible.

Please leave us a comment at the bottom of the page if you are interested in participating, have questions, or need assistance attending.

Clinton Breaks her Silence on the UFO Embargo

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Starwalker


This interview of Secretary Hilliary Clinton, represents a breakthrough moment in American political history. Twenty-three years after her husband’s administration was engaged by Laurance Rockefeller to release all “UFO” documents in government files and grant amnesty to government witnesses (the Rockefeller Initiative), Secretary Clinton has finally spoken to the extraterrestrial presence issue while campaigning in New Hampshire.

When considering this reportage it is essential to remember she had the option to speak off the record. Here is a breakdown of and background on this interview.

Clinton Promises to Investigate UFOs

Read the article here on The Conway Daily Sun

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