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LIVE: Becoming a Planetary Ambassador

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Ambassador, Blog, LIVE Sessions

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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.
  • Kat

    I love the huge contribution made by ‘Thrive movement’ and how it continues to grow. The time is ripe for this to sky rocket and expand more. Will share this on social media. Highest Frequencies!

  • Nico Indigo

    Awesssooommmmeee!! lll be there fo sho 😛

  • Judith Sansweet

    As a long-time friend and supporter of the both theThrive Movement and Guardian Alliance, I’m really looking forward to this special treat and will happily promote it online. Thank you Adam!

  • Troy

    I don’t have words to explain how GRATEFUL I feel to be here now while this is happening. Despite being compelled to search for the TRUTH for, literally, 30 YEARS, in the dark, if we had a discussion just one year ago today, I would dismiss ALL of it as delusional thinking. This is so amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart so to speak, for being here in your contract!!!

  • Adam Apollo

    If you are not yet seeing the video window above, please refresh your browser window. We go live in just over 15 minutes!

  • Nico Indigo

    Hello everyone 🙂

  • cliff

    hello everyone from Kingston ontario

  • Adam Apollo

    As you come in, tell us where you’re from and say hello!

  • Ewa

    Helllo ! 🙂 I’m from Poland.

  • Andy

    I’m from toronto, Canada 🙂 Happy to be here to hear from the most inspiring people on the planet!

    • cliff

      hi Andy I am just down the 401 about 3 hours in Kingston

      • Andy

        Nice to virtually meet you, I can’t quite connect through the astrals yet 😛

  • Sean

    Hello from Australia near Melbourne. Sean’s Reiki and Remedial Massage.

  • Bibi

    greetings from los angeles!!!

  • Evan

    Hello from Asheville !

  • Nico Indigo

    Hi from cold Québec city 🙂

  • McKinley

    McKinley in Los Angeles, Ca. Thank you Adam, Gamble and Kimberly for sharing your time and passion with us today.

  • Nico Indigo

    The language the EL-ite have imposed on us for many thousand of years:
    –Normal, abnormal, right, wrong, good, bad are concepts that do not exist per se. They are only the result of a language that conditions people to submit to authority, like that of a king or lord. Indeed, if you want to format people in order to make them docile, to make them accept authority, to melt them in a hierarchical mold, to enslave them, it’s essential to shove into their head the notion of what is “right”, “normal” or “appropriate”. And simultaneously reserve the power to define the boundaries to a supreme authority.–

  • cliff

    I have a channelled new earth technology to bring to the party

  • Nico Indigo

    You guys have such big and powerful hearts I can feel it across the screen ahahha

  • Cory

    Aloha from Nashville, TN.

  • Anthony Illiano

    warm hello from nyc

  • cliff

    I resonate so strongly with this group and your message Adam. This is such an inspiring and insightful dialogue with these global ambassadors

  • Mr. Multiverse

    Bridge Building Indeed! Great Conversation Guardians.

  • chris

    Hello everyone from Antwerp Belgium

  • Adam Apollo – Visit the blog to learn more about Foster’s view on Political parties

  • cliff

    how can we as guardians ,not from the Us contribute or influence the people to chose the most logical choice in your upcoming election?

  • Petelaw44

    Thank you for welcome…

  • Paul

    Namaste .

  • Patty-Sun

    Would you suggest Guardian Alliance structure itself as a non-profit and then transition into an S-Corp? How can we maintain tribal Council dynamics whole still functioning legally under the system set in place (USA/globally)?

  • cliff

    where can I get the technology into your peoples hands or connect with other inventors – who can collaborate and build these devices

  • Adam Apollo

    1. Write down your purpose in life.
    2. What kind of changes do you want to make in the world?
    3. Am I going to meet immediate needs, or help to change systems? Or am I going to change consciousness worldviews itself?
    4. What is the specific issue I most want to work on?
    – From Foster Gamble

  • Kris Owelette

    How can we ensure the least number of people are affected negatively by wide-spread deconstruction of massive system changes? (ie. Job losses)

  • Foster_Gamble
    • Adam Apollo

      This is a link to the Thrive Solutions Hub!

  • Patty-Sun


  • cliff

    Thanks Kimberly for addressing my question -I will certainly be in touch

  • Patty-Sun

    Do we have to be a tribal nation or partner with a tribal nation for this?

  • Adam Apollo

    Indigenous Health Care Providers Organization

  • Patty-Sun

    please provide a link, I’d like to look into this on behalf of GA

  • Patty-Sun

    What a revelation! Thank you Kimberly, I had no clue about this!~

  • Patty-Sun


  • Foster_Gamble
  • cliff

    is that just for Americans or can any nation engage with this group ? I certainly fit into this category

    • Foster_Gamble

      What country are you in?

      • cliff


      • cliff

        I am in Canada and just starting to create a financial entity or structure to support the technology.I contacted Nassims team a few times and talked with Susan Kornacki – so she is aware of what I can contribute

        • Foster_Gamble

          The IHCPO is in the process of working with tribes that are also in Canada, which should facilitate expansion into the provinces, but it’s not there yet.

  • Patty-Sun

    How can we create a structure that serves humanity while working with Venture Capital and Seed Funding? With the B-Corp?

    • Kimberly_Gamble


  • cliff

    Thanks Adam – for your amazing contribution to the cause of global cosciosness

    • Adam Apollo

      Thanks Cliff!

  • McKinley

    Thank you again for sharing your perspectives with us. This was a very inspiring dialogue. I am looking forward to engaging both the Thrive Movement and Guardian Alliance in the days and weeks ahead. I have been doing a lot of work on my own, but now I appreciate that I have reached a point where it is imperative for me to find my “tribe” and give and receive support. I am in alignment with the missions and goals of your organizations.

    • Anne Marie

      So good to find so many of us “coming out”… Look forward to hearing more from you McKinley. I welcome direct conversation as well. Looking forward to an “Alliance Coming Out Party” one of these days.

  • Patty-Sun

    Thank you all!!

  • Nico Indigo

    Thank you guys!! The Guardian Alliance is with you 🙂

  • Adam Apollo

    Thanks again everyone for joining us today!

  • Tessa Van de Ven

    Speechless…no words to describe your beautiful work. So inspiring to see that you are living those amazing lifes of purpose and got so connected to the inner and outher world. Im a Dutch Girl who ended up in Brazil and I feel so absolutely clear that i want to become an ambassador of the Guarani indians. I want to become a bridge builder between them and the modern Western world as I deeply believe there is a strong need to learn from each others cultures. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love with us. I got deeply inspirered and feel more and more the need to become a good listener to represent the beautiful culture of the Guarani tribes.

    • Adam Apollo

      Thank you for being here with us Tessa, and your desire to be a bridge builder and Ambassador.

  • Carl

    Hello from Carl Michael in Sri Lanka. Love and Light to All On and Off Our Beautiful Planet. 🙂

  • Mirar

    Thanks all for this Live Sessions the film Thrive and the Guardian Alliance. And all the work and bravery to step forward like this.

    Me helped this perspective about not waiting or expect gratification or appreciation for sharing important and valuable information. I had a website a few years ago but i stopped it because I was thinking that nobody understands or benefits from the knowledge there and I gave it up. But I think it is important not to give up even if I am attacked and people hate me for sharing my truth. But this really needs to be brave and believe in yourself the message the universe that you can do it. There are so many fears and blocks you have to go threw.

    But as was outlined it is worth it for being in alignment with our heart in peace doing what we can do for the evolution of planet earth and the the well being healing and transformation of all its beings. It really makes ill not living a live we think is valuable in alignment with our heart. So there is no way around it, anyway you can be attacked or decide to die slowly by living a life without meaning. This is probably more cruel.

    Unbelievable what is thrown in our way to do something important and meaningful. It helped me to be remembered that this is done by intention for power. And that we can free us even it is really not easy at all to do so.

    And it was helpful for me to be reminded that I am here in the Guardian Alliance to get the power, knowledge and clearness to remember my life purpose and heal the wounds transform the blocks to fulfil my life purpose anyway of what is going on to hold us down.

  • Kieran Mac Donald Sharp

    Thank you for this 🙂

  • Barbara Hathaway

    Hello everyone from Fulton, NY

  • Lon Hope

    I would recommend watching this video lecture series on the new Unified Field Theory and Consciousness.
    and also joining Ubuntu Planet to network with others who are working toward elevating the Global Consciousness.
    Love and Gratitude

  • Kalikia Dugger

    Thank you thank you thank you! Brilliant encouragement.

  • Gustavo Heraldo

    With tears of inner joy, I have just felt the living example of Foster+Kimberley+Adam shaking the foundations of my life purpose and touching the deepest fibers of my being after watching the session that was tonight “just waiting for me to be discovered” inside the time capsule generously built by Adam that recorded this faboulous Live Session !

    • Miranda QuanYinChi

      That’s what I have felt throughout this entire course! I love this group of people. <3

  • Gustavo Heraldo

    True meaning of Friendship (Adam’s with Foster&Kimberley, with Teresa&Marshall ) and in an extended not yet physical and personal way, to many of us, fellow guardians..

  • Gustavo Heraldo

    Concepts full of meaning keep echoing and resonating after the session..Purpose..Souveraignity&Global collaboration…standing on Truth ( globally, personally)…true Kinship as channel of higher Purpose and Service to the community…how to organize our endeavours within the current system to embody our concrete part of the to balance Self Knowing and Self Mastery with a concrete action in the world, now !…THANKS to every lovenly soul that makes this community @ GAA go round..

  • Miranda QuanYinChi

    Thrive movie is truly the best film I have ever seen in my life…besides Guardian Alliance, it has given me more hope than anything else I have seen!