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What is the Secret to Martial Arts Mastery?

Written by Adam Apollo on . Posted in Blog, Landing, Warrior

Whether you are an avid Martial Arts practitioner, or a Warrior at Heart who loves to train, practice, and strengthen your body, you know that there is something almost magical that seems to separate Olympians and enthusiasts. The skills of great Master Martial Artists appear almost superhuman.

How did they develop those abilities?

Shaolin Training

You may be thinking that you don’t train enough, work out as much as you want to, practice as hard as you could, or you simply don’t feel like you have the time to dedicate. Yet if you know the Secrets of True Martial Mastery, you discover that even a very small dedication of time can have immense results.

This isn’t a magic bullet for muscle building, an instant weight loss program, or some subscription based workout plan.

These ARE techniques to unlock your Core Power, your inner Stamina, and your deepest Strength.

They can also improve your skin, strengthen your muscles, give your bones more tensile strength and flexibility, increase joint flexibility, and nourish your organs. And they happen to be Techniques used by nearly all Master Martial Artists…

So what are these NEW Secret Techniques?

The Techniques are actually developed through two Ancient Martial Arts forms now commonly known as Tai Chi (or Taiji) and Chi Kung (or Qigong). Applying a series of simple principles to movement and awareness, the body awakens to “Chi” or “Qi,” the flowing force of the Human Energy Field (also known as Prana, Aether, Orgone, and many other names).

The Warrior Activating course in the Guardian Alliance covers a full training regimen that incorporates these Art Forms into a whole body Activation series.

Want to learn the 5 Movement Awareness Techniques at the heart of Tai Chi?

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Adam Apollo

CEO of Superluminal Systems and Founder of the Guardian Alliance.