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The Adventure of Self-Mastery Begins Here

The Guardian Alliance is an active learning community dedicated to exploring the edge of human potential, unlocking our deepest gifts, and applying our skills for the benefit of all life. We provide online and offline courses, a wide range of advanced self-mastery practices, empowering community experiences, and Quests for individuals to get involved in making positive impacts in the world.

An Alliance of Real-Life Jedi

We are a growing international community of individuals and organizations dedicated to the well-being of all life. We understand that consciousness has a measurable effect on spacetime itself (P.E.A.R.), and wield this innate power to generate positive change and awareness in the world. Applying principles of Unified Physics, optimized Flow States, community coherence, and holistic integration studies, we wield the “Force” to improve every aspect of our lives and interactions with the Earth, each other, and all forms of life.

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Weekly Ambassador Sessions:

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Explore Your Destiny

Take the path of the Warrior:
Train your body, reflexes, and sensory awareness.

Leap beyond your limitations as a Weaver:
Develop social, sexual and emotional mastery.

Train your mind as a Wizard:
Learn the keys to manifestation, magic, and strategy.

Open your heart as a Healer:
Gain the tools to heal yourself, relationships, and others.

Express yourself in the path of the Ambassador:
Connect with your core message and share it with the world.

Awaken your inner Starwalker:
Know your energy body, lucid dream, astral travel and more…

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The following links will give you a special price for complete monthly or lifetime access to Mastery Ring One, a complete series of six courses exploring fundamental skills in all of the Archetypes. They also include access to discussion Arenas, special Guardian Interviews, a complete Guardian Profile, and much more… Or just join the Initiation Course.

Join the Adventure with Real Superheroes

Where do I begin?

The first step is to identify one of your Core Archetypes.

Each of the six Archetypes has a complete course developed around it in Mastery Ring One to help you dive in to some of your innate skills and abilities, and recover some of your super-powers. These courses are the result of over 10 years of personal practice by each of the authors, and months of writing, filming, and compiling our research into a simple and powerful format for exploration.

Each course will make your process of understanding and applying your gifts MUCH easier. It will save you countless hours of time researching, finding workshops, scouring books, or exploring mediocre online classes.

Discover some fundamental skills in your Archetype, so you can start developing your innate abilities now. Get in touch with your deepest purpose, so you can stop wasting time on jobs and projects that don’t align with who you are.

Preview of the Wizard Course

Ask yourself each of the following questions, and click on the one that describes you the most:

Are you into physical training, martial arts, movement agility and strength? Do you see yourself as a Knight, a Soldier, a Peacekeeper?
Do you have a passion for emotional expression, sexuality, and building social connections? Do you relate with Dakini, read about better Sex, and try to befriend everyone?
Are you often focused on strategy, puzzles, creating businesses or planning projects? Are you interested in magic, the power of the mind, psychology and philosophy?
Do you feel called to help others, repair wounds in your self and the world, maintain health and provide healing services? Are you often called to provide support?
Are you called to share a message with the world, speak to the masses, and build bridges between cultures and people? Are you into media, messaging, marketing, and language?
Do you seek a deeper awareness, knowing the Universe, your Self, and Spirit, and desire to explore all the layers of Reality? Are you interested in ETs, Angels, Spirits, and Fae?
Archetypes of the Guardian Alliance

Our Principles


The Guardian Alliance is intended to empower and support individuals and organizations dedicated to a peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and thriving civilization and environment on Earth and beyond.


Every course in the Academy is designed to bring greater awareness, acceptance, inspiration, and activation through creative exploration, media resources, and holistic perspectives.


Teachers in the Guardian Alliance immediately earn 70% of every Access Key transaction. 20% is dedicated to production and support teams, and 10% goes to infrastructure, dev, and hosting.


We believe in individuals over organizations, connections over processes, and mutual support over criticism. While we value critical process and organizing structures, we value individual connection and support more.


Every individual in the Guardian Alliance is encouraged to develop mutually beneficial relationships with every other member, practicing compassion, respect, support, and honorable engagement.


We recognize that everything is connected by energy and information through the quantum vacuum field, the fabric of spacetime. Our interconnection influences our lives and our actions, and guides our ethics.

We stand by these fundamental principles as stewards and Guardians of the Earth, and all Life. We honor the Truth of every individual, and seek to bring greater understanding, acceptance, and unity through Love. We trust in the goodness of all people, and actively participate in the healing, transformation, and evolution of all beings.

30 Day Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the courses within 30 days, you can contact us for a full-refund.

We guarantee that our courses contain some of the most empowering, transformative, and inspiring information you can find on the web.

If you disagree, let us know!


Who Gets Paid?

The Guardian Alliance runs as a completely transparent operation. Teachers and course producers instantly receive 70% of every course.

10% of all course sales goes directly to hosting and infrastructure costs.

The remaining 20% is used to grow our Alliance team and community.

We’re forging Superheroes

Whether you can join us now or not, we’re going to keep rocking it out with an amazing growing community of D’Jedi, of Superheroes emerging into their power, presence, and capacity to change their lives, and the world.

Don’t worry, if you’re not ready yet, we’ll be here when you are. You just might have a long way to catch up!

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