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Tools for Waking Up

The world is not what we’ve been told. The secrets of Reality are being revealed. We give you the tools to wake up, and take action.


Practices for Life Mastery

Get in touch with deeper levels of yourself, master primary skills that apply to all of life, and discover your innate superpowers.


Wisdom Beyond Information

With the deluge of information constantly inundating our lives, and endless false trails, this is a place to find solid research and real insights.


Global Community

We are creating a new kind of global community, one dedicated to the sovereignty and wellbeing of all life, and honoring all spiritual perspectives.

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Seasonal Mastery Ring One Access Only $44.44

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Regular price: $333.00/Lifetime or $44/month

If you are inspired to develop true self-mastery, we recommend taking the entire Mastery Ring One series. Each course in the series is interconnected, helping you refine your skills in each area, while balancing them with each other. This is no small adventure… It may take you months to complete the whole Mastery Ring One series. However, if you do, you will be well on your way in training to become a Real Life Jedi Master.

We have a whole series of courses coming to Mastery Ring Two, the Universal Library, and beyond… This is only the beginning of your adventure. We’re here to start the journey with you…

Guardian Membership (Seasonal)

Suggested Price: $33.33 every 3 months

Guardian Members get access to the entire suite of Mastery Ring One courses, and a season to explore them! Simply remain a Member after three months and you can continue to access all six courses in Mastery Ring One ongoing… You can set your own donation amount (we deeply appreciate some donation, but there is no minimum). You will also gain access to the Member’s Vault, exclusive courses, quests, media, LIVE Sessions, discounts on gear, and more. Your continued monthly donation will help us to build the infrastructure of the Alliance and produce more great content and materials to support you in your journey of self-mastery, and your initiation into your work as a Guardian on Earth.

 every 3 months

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Benefits Include:
  • Total Access to all SIX Mastery Ring One Courses!
  • Access to SEVEN community Arenas for Q&A and discussion!
  • Access to The Vault: Videos, Audio Recordings, & More
  • Free Exclusive Courses & Quests (not available anywhere else)
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What is the Guardian Alliance?

The Guardian Alliance is an active learning community dedicated to exploring the edge of human potential, unlocking our deepest gifts, and applying our skills for the benefit of all life. We provide online and offline courses, a wide range of advanced self-mastery practices, empowering community experiences, and Quests for individuals to get involved in making positive impacts in the world.

We are also forging a Global Community that can support each other in making a better world for generations to come. A community of local and global superheroes who help resolve conflicts, awaken people, deepen relationships, connect diverse stakeholders, and convene integrative councils.

What kind of Courses can I find here?

While many of the courses here have been taught under a variety of names and traditions, the particular integrations of skill development available here have been fondly referred to by the students of some of the faculty members as “Jedi Training.” In short, this refers to the development of mastery over one’s self, the ability to consciously work with energy (Chi, Prana, Life-Force, Aether, Quantum Vacuum Field) for specific purposes and applications (healing, martial arts, yoga, sports, business, to name a few), and the development of enhanced sensory perception (intuitions, psychic abilities, remote viewing, astral travel, and other “superhero” abilities).

Mastery Ring One is currently open and courses are being released regularly! Grab your Access Keys and jump into the adventure.

Simply click the “Get Access Key” button to checkout, and unlock the Gates to the community Guild Areas and Courses!

Stay tuned for future releases, scholarship opportunities, and new Access Keys!

Welcome to the Guardian Alliance

These are not just static Online Courses…

Not by a long shot. The Guardian Alliance is a global learning community, and when you get Access Keys to individual courses or the whole Mastery Ring, you also get access to the community Arenas, areas for LIVE Sessions, discussions, resources, and more:

BONUS: Enter the Arenas

Each Arena showcases LIVE Sessions related to courses in each Archetype, has a AJAX commenting/chat area for ongoing discussion with other Guardians, video posting, image posting, and additional resources to aid in your exploration. Oh, and there will also be special QUESTS and MISSIONS to accomplish…

Enter the Arenas for each of the Archetypes

Arenas for Each Archetype

Preview of the Ambassador's Hall

Preview of the Ambassador’s Hall

BONUS: Custom Community Profile

You also get a custom personal profile where you can upload you own header, avatar, and control all privacy settings for your account. You can see other members who have public profiles, and connect with them through messages, tags, posts, and more.

Preview of the Member Directory

Complete Member Directory

Preview of a Custom Member Profile

Custom Personal Profile

BONUS: Earn Verified Badges

Earn verifiable Badges that will be sharable with the Mozilla Badge Backpack and backed by a series of organizations and other online Academies. We’re also working on physical versions of the Badges, so stay tuned for those updates!

Users who reach certain levels with their Badges will also become eligible for exclusive Guardian Alliance Gear from the Armory… And we’re not talking T-Shirts.

Preview of a Completed Trailmap of Badges

Earn Badges in the Trailmap

Preview of a Single Completed Badge

See Others Earn Badges & Track Progress


Preview of My Courses Area

Your Course Dashboard under “My Courses” gives you easy access to all your unlocked adventures.

Are you Ready to Unlock Your Courses?

The Guardian Alliance is a rapidly growing global community of people dedicated to transforming the world, and becoming Real Superheroes.

Each course is massively packed with skills, techniques, insights, and practices, and individually they are easily worth more than a full weekend-long intensive workshop. In fact, we have shared portions of this exact same content in retreats and workshops, charging $200 to over $1500 for a fraction of this material.

In addition, we’re providing UNLIMITED ACCESS to the material AND ALL LIVE SESSIONS related to these courses FOR LIFE. That means you can join a LIVE Session and learn more from us in a year, or in 10 years from now. We’ll be here to make sure you reach the Superhero goals you set out to achieve now.

So How Much Do These Courses Cost?

Based on our workshops and training intensives over the past 10 years, here are some of the rates our faculty has charged for similar courses:

Warrior Course Training with David Beaudry: Value $300

Weaver Course Training with Alexander Fairman: Value $220

Wizard Course Training with Adam Apollo: Value $144

Healer Course Training with David Beaudry: Value $200

Ambassador Course Training with Alex Fairman & Simon Sutton: Value $280

Starwalker Course Training with Adam Apollo: Value $260

Total Course Value: $1404

If all these courses did was get you more deeply in touch with your True Self and activated your sense of Destiny and empowerment in the world, would that be worth it?

If all this let you release the fear that you’re alone, and resolve your doubt that we can truly make a difference, would that be enough for you to sign up and join us?

We’re not going to charge you $1404 for these courses, because we’re here to forge an Alliance together, and bring everyone on-board that we possibly can.

The regular price for new students of the Guardian Alliance for all these courses is only $333. You can easily spend twice that much for half the transformational course content around the web today.

Right now you can get access to the ENTIRE Mastery Ring One series for only $144 and take the leap into true Mastery and Guardianship!

That’s around 90% off the standard value of these courses, and over 50% the regular price.

However, you must act now because this special will not last long.

Click the “Get Access Key” button below to checkout on our secure servers and immediately receive Access to courses, community, Profiles, Badges, and more.


Mastery Ring One

Total Price
Today: $144

Over 50% off Lifetime Mastery Ring One Access:

Mastery Ring One regular price for new students: $333.00


Ring One – Master Key Special


This Access Key unlocks all SIX courses in Ring One!

This Master Key will give you complete LIFETIME access to all courses and resources, first access to Ring Two courses with a variety of amazing teachers, and give you foundational skills and practices that are fundamental to Mastering your Self and your Life.

By allowing you to explore all the courses in Ring One, this Mastery Key will provide you with a deeper awareness of how each Path comes together, integrating each aspect of your Being to develop True Mastery.

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This Course Includes:

Six complete courses, each with introductory information, reflections on masters, revelations of our core personal challenges, and practical applications that you can immediately begin using in your life.

Each course will help you Master an aspect of your Self and your Life:

  • Warrior Activating – the foundation of Physical Mastery
  • Weaver Unfolding – the essence of Emotional Mastery
  • Wizard Awakening – the geometry of Mental Mastery
  • Healer Opening – the heart of Interpersonal Mastery
  • Ambassador Connecting – the precision of Communicable Mastery
  • Starwalker Ascending – the realization of Spiritual Mastery

Visual Previews of each Course Entry (click to enlarge)

Preview of the Warrior Course
Preview of the Weaver Course Path
Preview of the Wizard Course Path
Preview of the Healer Course Path
Preview of the Ambassador Course Path
Preview of the Starwalker Course Path


“Whoooooosh~It’s amazing how in 3 days of Warrior training my perceptions have shifted. The quality of commitment to this practice is grounding in many areas of my day to day life and is awakening an awareness of my body that feels so simple and yet profound!”


“It normally takes me about an hour, and several cups of coffee in the morning to wake up. This morning, instead of going straight for the coffee pot, I just did 10 warrior breaths. By the time I was done, I was fully awake and alert as if it were the middle of the day when my energy peaks. I’m very excited. If I can start every day like this, I think I’ll be more effective in all my daily activities.”


“…I am not even halfway through the R1 Weaver material yet, and already it has proven to be mind-blowing. The content that you’ve put together and the results/download over here on my end is BEYOND FANTASTIC. Thank you!! You are rocking it, and I appreciate your willingness to share of what you’ve learned with others, to help build them up. What you convey in speaking is immediately palpable, even kind of uncanny — I want to DO that!! — and I can’t wait to learn how to, to do that, and to build on it further as my own.”


“Loved the Wizard course materials, practices and meditations-they are so totally consistent with much of what I know and convey my awareness into the areas I didn’t know that I didn’t know! Thank you for leading Consciousness forward on this Planet.”


“WOW, I absolutely loved the Dao Yin Stretches and breath exercises. I’ve been M.I.A for two weeks from Guardian Alliance and the last 3 days have been hectic. My body was hurting, my brain was feeling mushy, my energy levels were down…and then I did the exercises. I feel like a just drank a Red Bull. I heard my body crack as I was stretching…I SO needed this!! THANK YOU! Also, awesome ending to the Healer Module with the suggested routine and videos! GRATITUDE and LIGHT!”


“I was listening to the guided meditation at the end of the Wizard course, and as I was pulling in and creating what I wanted in that space, I saw a book manifest itself into my hands. I looked at the beautiful cover, and realized it was my book. A book I had/will write about my personal journey from paranormal, abusive, suppressed childhood, to a self loving, healing, intuitive, star connected being. I could feel the weight of the book, the thin cover, the smell of the pages, and I felt peace, contentment and Joy.

“Later I decided to watch the Ambassador Opening Session (what can I say I was feeling it!) where Simon spoke about sharing and stories. And I saw the book again, could feel it in my hands and I felt so connected to the words, the journey and the process. I feel this course will be the one to really break open some of my fears of sharing, and communicating my truth. Up until now I have been one to keep my truth and my story hidden away. Even writing this I am plauged with small fears, spiking their way through my mind, but I am trusting myself and this space 🙂

“This is my first step in learning to share, thank you all for being part of it <3”


“Every paragraph is immense in quality of content, thank you. I’m working hard on my-self, And I feel lucky for that. I do have to do a lot healing first. I also sense that kind of karma, and I also know that it can be unwound. I’ll do this. I’m reading this out loud, like feeling you through your words addressing me with so good aim, feeling your senses through mine and feeling my truth, my-self and feeling you feeling me… this is love coming from the Source of All Love, from here I may continue.. I have to admit, I feel like a Djedi right now.”

Individual Course Details


The Warrior courses focus on development of Physical Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to achieve the physical skill and prowess necessary to complete your missions on Planet Earth.

  • Secrets of energy behind all types of Martial Arts mastery.
  • A foundational exploration of Physical Mastery, vitality, and practical achievement.
  • Principles and techniques used by leading professional athletes and olympians.
  • Ways to overcome physical and mental hurdles and live with more strength and vitality.


The Weaver courses focus on development of Emotional Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to deepen your energetic sensitivity and apply your awareness for internal cultivation, sex, and relationships.

  • The keys to both alchemy and balance.
  • Cultivating internal energy and vitality.
  • Insights to enhance your sex life and intimacy.
  • Secrets to engaging in relationships through understanding sexual orientation.


The Wizard courses focus on development of Mental Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to awaken your mind and apply it, as precisely as a sword master, to creating or changing whatever you want in the world.

  • The power of the mind in creating reality.
  • Secret formulas to create mental containers to work out life puzzles and priorities.
  • Strategies for changing your patterns and your life through mental clearing.
  • The fundamental elements of real Magic.


The Healer courses focus on development of Interpersonal Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to develop your healing abilities and create a more powerful state of coherence in yourself, which can be applied in all areas of your life.

  • The heart and art of healing.
  • The keys to accessing coherence in every relationship or interaction.
  • Techniques for awakening powerful healing abilities.
  • Tools and practices of the healer.


The Ambassador courses focus on development of Communicable Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to unlock your communications skills, and empower the application of your voice, and the quality of your listening, to bring out your inherent leadership.

  • The true magic of the spoken word.
  • Insights into conflict resolution, mediation, and leadership.
  • The power of sharing your personal message and truth.
  • Techniques for enhancing your communication abilities.


The Starwalker courses focus on development of Spiritual Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to awaken your innate abilities to perceive, interact, and travel between the realms, remote view, and create a protected psychic Sanctuary.

  • How to unlock your third-eye and psychic abilities.
  • Practices and techniques to mastering higher sensory perception.
  • The secrets of the layers of the energy body.
  • Fundamental insights that lead to training in lucid dreaming, astral travel, and remote viewing.

30 Day Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the courses within 30 days, you can contact us for a full-refund.

We guarantee that our courses contain some of the most empowering, transformative, and inspiring information you can find on the web.

If you disagree, let us know!


Who Gets Paid?

The Guardian Alliance runs as a completely transparent operation. Teachers and course producers instantly receive 70% of every course.

10% of all course sales goes directly to hosting and infrastructure costs.

The remaining 20% is used to grow our Alliance team and community.


We’re forging Superheroes

Whether you can join us now or not, we’re going to keep rocking it out with an amazing growing community of Djedi, of Superheroes emerging into their power, presence, and capacity to change their lives, and the world.

Don’t worry, if you’re not ready yet, we’ll be here when you are. You just might have a long way to catch up!