Boulder Workshop Series: Sex & Sigils, Warding & Wielding, Time Travel & The Art of Astral Integration 2017

This series package gives you access to both workshops on Friday July 21st and Saturday July 22nd in Boulder Colorado.

Get ready for some serious upgrades. This advanced series will take you deep into the core of our interconnection with reality on many levels.

Location will be provided upon registration, and further details will be sent by email to confirmed registrants.


Get instant access to the entire Mastery Ring One series when you register for this series package! In Mastery Ring One you get six online courses covering training for Warriors, Weavers, Wizards, Healers, Ambassadors, and Starwalkers. Whatever your path in life… This will bring you huge upgrades. Check out more info about the series below.

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This Series Includes:

Friday July 21st, 1-5pm MDT

Sex & Sigils
Warding & Wielding

From the depths of divine Sexual Alchemy to the fundamentals of Chromomancy, Sigil Magic, wielding Words and weaving Wards, this workshop provides an advanced and integrative framework for understanding the secrets of Energy and Consciousness.

Through embodied practices from the traditions of Tai Chi and Tantra, and ancient magical traditions from around the world and beyond, attendees will gain deeper proficiency and practical applications.

Saturday July 22nd, 2-6pm MDT

Time Travel &
The Art of Astral Integration

As we navigate through spacetime, our Astral interface with reality provides us with a personal dashboard which filters and guides our perception. Explore the inherent capabilities of this spaceship command center, travel through time, and integrate your timeline.

The fundamental techniques covered in this workshop enable or enhance capacities for Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Past-Life Integration, forging the Future Self, and making contact with Extraterrestrial communities.

BONUS: Mastery Ring One

Get instant access to six complete courses, each with introductory information, reflections on masters, revelations of our core personal challenges, and practical applications that you can immediately begin using in your life.

Each course will help you Master an aspect of your Self and your Life:

  • Warrior Activating – the foundation of Physical Mastery
  • Weaver Unfolding – the essence of Emotional Mastery
  • Wizard Awakening – the geometry of Mental Mastery
  • Healer Opening – the heart of Interpersonal Mastery
  • Ambassador Connecting – the precision of Communicable Mastery
  • Starwalker Ascending – the realization of Spiritual Mastery

Visual Previews of each Course Entry (click to enlarge)

Preview of the Warrior Course
Preview of the Weaver Course Path
Preview of the Wizard Course Path
Preview of the Healer Course Path
Preview of the Ambassador Course Path
Preview of the Starwalker Course Path