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Wizard Awakening: Mental Mastery

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Do you have a clear sense of your beliefs? Are you confident in your abilities to think and work through problems? Do you enjoy learning, study, and strategy? Are you in command of your mind and emotions? Are you well organized and do you know how to make things happen in this world?

You may already be a great Wizard.

Every great business training or transformational program begins with a process of getting to know our own minds. Our beliefs and concepts about ourselves and the world can either empower us, or they can limit us. If we want our lives to improve, we must honestly begin to address the areas where our beliefs are weak, removing self-deprecating and limiting stories we tell ourselves. Then we can begin to develop a strong mental framework, built on a foundation of self-acceptance, and fueled by the awareness that we can achieve absolutely anything.

In the Guardian Alliance, Wizard courses help us to step out of our mental mess, and establish a new mental framework, a custom architecture for us to have more successful thought patterns.

Through proper mental framing, we generate belief systems and self-concepts that give us a deeper sense of our personal power, and we gain the capacity to create change directly in our lives.

A Wizard weaves the threads of Truth into Form

The art of the Wizard is developed through exploring the architecture of consciousness, getting to know each aspect of Being, and playing with recipes that bring together the right ingredients to create change within us, and in turn, in the world. While that might sound quite esoteric, if you have ever attempted to create a business or organization, you have already practiced this process.

Whether you are creating a business, developing a personal strategy for life, going to school, developing trade skills, or just want to create what you want more easily, Wizard courses can help you.

The Mind is a geometric lattice which shapes our Human Energy Body’s expression of life-force, called Chi, Qi, or Prana, among many other names. This Life-Force Energy or Bioenergy is the secret behind all great Ideas and Innovations, Social and Sexual Arts, Martial Arts, Yogic Practices, Healing, Tantra, and much more.


The Guardian Alliance Mastery Series covers applications in all these areas and more.

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This Course Includes:

Focus Points

  • The power of the mind in creating reality.
  • Secret formulas to create mental containers to work out life puzzles and priorities.
  • Strategies for changing your patterns and your life through mental clearing.
  • The fundamental elements of real Magic.

 Complete Course Path

Preview of the Wizard Course Path

 Visual Preview

Preview of the Wizard Course Path



“…Thank you for the Transcend and Include meditation. I really enjoyed the music and the overall experience, it was wonderful. I had the most amazing visions and feelings. I feel like I really know what I want to bring to this world and what I must do in order to get there. It’s getting clearer and clearer and it’s beautiful. I see the potential, I see the light, I feel the love. I know together we can do this. I love you and everyone. Thank you.”



“Loved the Wizard course materials, practices and meditations-they are so totally consistent with much of what I know and convey my awareness into the areas I didn’t know that I didn’t know! Thank you for leading Consciousness forward on this Planet.”


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